Official history of the Army Reserve

The essential mission of the Office of Army Reserve History is to write the official history of the Army Reserve. This history not only provides a comprehensive account of Army Reserve activities in peace and war, but also serves as an important tool in the on-going training of officers and noncommissioned officers in the profession of arms. 

USAR logoThe Publications Section prepares and publishes historical monographs and special historical studies on topics and events of historical significance to the Army Reserve or the Army such as histories of units deployed in the Global War on Terrorism; prepares the Annual Army Reserve Historical Summary in accordance with Army regulations and guidelines; coordinates component-wide historical research and publication efforts, to include development of the Army Reserve Historical Publications Plan encompassing historical products of the Army Reserve community; conducts technical review and evaluation of all subordinate unit and installation annual histories and provides professional training for personnel assigned to perform historical duties at Army Reserve - North, Army Reserve - South and at subordinate commands.

• Forming the USARC: An Oral History

• U.S. Army Reserve Command:  The First Years

• U.S. Army Reserve Mobilization for the Korean War

• The USAR in Operation Joint Endeavor, Vol I: Mobilization and Employment: Army Staff Perspective

• The USAR in Operation Joint Endeavor, Vol II: Mobilization and Employment: Major Army Command Perspective

• 362nd Quartermaster Battalion in Operation Iraqi Freedom

• USARC Annual Historical Summaries for 1993-2000 

• Army Reserve Annual Historical Summaries for 2001-2003

• 2004/2005 Biannual Army Reserve Historical Summary

• Medal of Honor Recipients; The US Army Reserve in World War II

• The Heritage of the Army Reserve DVD


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