Want to know more about the Army Reserve? America's Army Reserve: The most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation.
LTG Charles D Luckey talks about the incompatibility of extremist groups and service in America's Army Reserve. New version has direction for commanders--including holding Soldiers accountable.
LTG Charles D Luckey addresses concerns about the requirements for Ready Force X.
Soldiers from four different major U.S. Army Reserve commands compete to represent their respective command in the #USArmyReserve Best Warrior Competition.
What the heck is a TEC? As a Theater Engineer Command, we toss around terms, from the ten-thousand-foot level: Assured mobility, geospatial engineering, horizontal and vertical construction. We oversee a landscape of massive operations, yet we know the work that goes on the ground. We are the experts of terrain. Indeed, we are the engineering firm the military needs.
Army Reserve combat engineers from the 374th Engineer Company (Sapper), headquartered in Concord, Calif., conducted a Sapper Leader Course Prerequisite Training in a field environment at Camp San Luis Obispo, Calif., in July 2015 to prepare a select number of Soldiers for the elite Sapper Leader Course.
U.S. Army Reserve firefighters cool Autumn flames
U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Eric Martinson, fire chief and observer coach/ trainer assigned to 3rd Regiment, 410th Brigade Engineer Battalion, 5th Armored Brigade, First Army Division West positions himself to observe U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to 463rd Engineer Firefighter Detachment, 416th Theater Engineer Command, engage a fixed-wing fire while they train in preparation for an upcoming deployment at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., Oct. 21, 2019. More than 65 percent of combat support - intelligence, logistics, medical, engineering, civil affairs - belongs to our reserve component. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Timothy Gray, 5th Armored Brigade)
Nov. 1, 2019 - Temperatures in El Paso have turned cooler recently, but it's hot as ever for firefighters who prepared for their upcoming middle-east deployment at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., October 21, 2019.

Lt. Col. Lisa Jaster continues to lead the way after historic Ranger School accomplishment
Maj. Lisa Jaster in late 2015, after her graduation from Ranger School that previous October. Now a Lieutenant Colonel Jaster is serving as the executive officer for the U.S. Army Reserve’s 420th Engineer Brigade.
Sept. 19, 2019 - U.S. Army Reserve Lt. Col. Lisa Jaster was 37 years old when she attended Ranger school. While the average age of attendees in the course ranges in the early 20s, that didn’t deter her, and in October of 2015 she graduated from the course. She was the first woman in the U.S. Army Reserve to do so. Four years later, her advice to others is simple.

U.S. Reserve Soldiers engineer bonds with Polish forces during Resolute Castle 2019
Polish and U.S. Soldiers stand in formation during the closing ceremony of Resolute Castle 2019, at the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Poland, August 1, 2019. Resolute Castle is a multinational training exercise, which promoted interoperability and resulted in the construction of two healthcare facilities, two administrative buildings and one fuel point. (U.S. Army photo by Pvt. Joanna Gaona Gomez)
Aug. 2, 2019 - Soldiers from the United States Army Reserve and Polish soldiers gathered August 1, 2019, at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area (DPTA), Poland, during the closing ceremony for Resolute Castle 19 (RC19), a joint exercise that took place from April to August 2019.

Reserve FSC Soldiers support joint training exercise
Spc. Sammie Reyes, with 980th Forward Support Company, opens a container as he prepares dinner chow during their annual training exercise at Ft. Hood Texas, in support of River Assault 19 on July 22, 2019.

Reyes is a native of Austin, Texas and is in charge of five Soldiers during exercise River Assault 19. River Assault 19 is a U.S. Army Reserve Training exercise with more than 1,300 Soldiers and is intended for engineers and enablers to conduct specific training to increase readiness, enhance partnership and gain interoperability with multi-component and multi-service elements. (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Sgt. Juan F. Jimenez, 210th MPAD)
July 31, 2019 - With the sun high above their heads and the heat reaching over 120 degrees, U.S. Army Reserve cooks assigned to the 980th Forward Support Company, spend long hours preparing meals for over 1,300 Soldiers. Often sleeping few hours at a time, these Soldiers work beyond duty hours, day after day, to accomplish their vital mission.

Army Reserve Soldiers and Marine Corps Reserve participate in River Assault 19
The 74th Multi-Role Bridge Company (MRBC), 62nd Engineer Battalion, construct a floating collapsible system of barges called an Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB) on Belton Lake, at Ft. Hood, Texas, in support of the culminating exercise of River Assault 19 on July 23, 2019. The IRB is a floating, collapsible system of barges that can be used as a full span bridge or to ferry vehicles and equipment across a body of water. 

The 74th based at  Ft. Hood, Texas,  alongside U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 361st and 341st MRBC, 420th Engineer Brigade, in Bryan, Texas, worked together to build a floating bridge during River Assault 19. The exercise is a key U.S. Army Reserve training exercise that is intended for engineers and enablers to conduct specific training to increase readiness, enhance partnership and gain interoperability with multi-component and multi-service elements. (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Sgt. Juan F. Jimenez, 210th MPAD)
July 30, 2019 - On July 20th, 2019 US Army Reserve soldiers from the 361st and 341st Multi-Role Bridge Company, 420th Engineer Brigade, and USMC Reserve Marines from with Alpha Company and Bravo Company, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, Battle Creek, Michigan, constructed a fully enclosed improved ribbon bridge on Belton Lake on Ft. Hood Texas. Active Duty Soldiers, Reserve Soldiers and Reserve Marines worked for more than four hours to complete and attach the 72-bay floating bridge.
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