The 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support) Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Beth Salisbury, and Deputy Command Chaplain, Maj. Joshua Cox, deliver a command message on Suicide Prevention and the importance connections with family, friends and fellow Soldiers play in preventing suicide. (U.S. Army Reserve Video by Staff Sgt. Paul Anthony)
As part of the Northern Strike training exercise, Soldiers of the 676th Ground Ambulance Company provided real world medical support, conducted training and received an external evaluation to establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) and familiarize themselves with newly fielded equipment on Aug. 5-19, 2023, at Camp Grayling, Mich. (U.S. Army Reserve Video by Spc. Ronald D. Bell)
Military members partnered with Indian Health Services to augment medical providers at the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation during Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Walking Shield, Aug 7-18, 2023.
Mission of Mercy, a community partner selected by the County of Nueces, and the United States Army collaborate to deliver no-cost healthcare to the Coastal Bend, Texas community. The teams are partnering to provide no-cost eye exams and custom-fabricated glasses from scratch at no cost. This optometry service is one of many medical services and pop-up clinics offered in Nueces County, Texas, as part of Innovative Readiness Training in July 2023. (U.S. Army Reserve video by 1st Lt. Harrison Gold).
"It's not a smooth ride, and a PhD is one of the most difficult courses one can do.... But if you just remember...the're going to be knocked down, but you've got to get up. Mission has to continue. Again, testaments to Army training. I don't know if I would be where I am today if I wasn't a Soldier." U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Casey Mwangi, a Licensed Practical Nurse (68C) who holds an M.D., is pursuing a Ph.D. research fellowship at Oxford University focused on spinal injury and neuropathic pain. Mwangi's goal is to help Soldiers with spinal injuries and amputation-related phantom limb pain.
A team of four service members from the Naval Ophthalmic Readiness Activity out of Yorktown, Va., is working at the Gualo Rai Childrens Park Youth Center in Saipan making eye glasses for the communities of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota during the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) Operation Wellness CNMI June 12-19, 2023.
Army Reserve Lt. Col. Darrin Nelson, a 139th Medical Brigade veterinarian, talks about what it’s like to serve the Tinian people through providing much needed veterinary services, as part of the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) CNMI Wellness mission, July 14, 2023. IRTs bring experienced Air National Guard and Army Reserve medical professionals to a real-world environment, allowing them to continue honing their skill sets while positively impacting the community. (U.S. Air National Guard video by Staff Sgt. Kelly Willett)
Soldiers of the 932nd Forward Resuscitative Surgical Detachment (FRSD) from Indianapolis, Ind., conducted training at the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) Army Trauma Training Center (ATTC) in Miami, Fla., on April 2-16, 2023. The training helps soldiers improve their medical skills and teamwork. (U.S. Army Reserve video by Spc. Ronald D. Bell)
491st Medical Company Area Support (MCAS) soldiers were Observer, Coach/Trainers for this year's Guardian Response training exercise at Muscatatuck, In., on Apr. 17-27, 2023. The 491st MCAS has been the medical unit on the Command and Control Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Response Element-A (C2CRE-A) mission for the past three years. (U.S. Army Reserve Video by Spc. Ronald D. Bell)
AR-MEDCOM’s CG hosts senior leader forum to discuss LSCO, LSMO transformation
Dec. 22, 2023 - The Army Reserve Medical Command’s commanding general hosted its 2023 Senior Leader Forum, with its commanders and top NCOs, joined by 12 general officers from the Army Reserve's sister medical commands and the Army Reserve’s...

Civilian deployers: Globe-trotting logistician teaches DLA deployers essentials of combat logistics
Nov. 30, 2023 - For DLA Supply/Logistics Instructor Gary “Shep” Shepherd, "subject matter expert" is not a term he uses to describe himself despite decades of experience as a logistician...

Army Reserve Soldier of the Year 2023
Nov. 27, 2023 - With his uncle and grandfather serving in the 82nd Airborne Division, another uncle in the Marine Corps and father also serving as a doctor in the Navy. Elihu Wagner was influenced to join the U.S. military...

Lt. Col. Smith-Kimble retires out of Army Nurse Corps
Nov. 7, 2023 - Lt. Col. Paulette Smith-Kimble bid farewell to the Army Nurse Corps after 27 years of service. The retiring senior military officer was honored with a retirement ceremony held at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Seagoville,...

Concept of operation in lockstep with concept of support
Oct. 26, 2023 - The 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support) wrapped up their weeklong G3 boot camp at the Western Regional Training Center in Ogden, Utah, on Oct. 20...

Military journey of a Best Warrior
Oct. 23, 2023 - After two years in community college searching for what piqued his interest, James Ranstead found it in a Biology for Allied Health class with a focus on nursing and got motivated to “do school.”...

Showing up to win at 2023 Army Reserve Best Squad Competition
Oct. 20, 2023 - Sgt. James Ranstead competed as a junior enlisted Soldier in the 2018 USARC Best Warrior Competition but didn’t win, so he came back this year with a chip on his shoulder...

A divine calling: Capt. Kyu James Lee's service to his Soldiers
Oct. 20, 2023 - Capt. Kyu James Lee, from Seattle, Washington, stands as a living testament to the enduring alliance between South Korea and the United States. Born and raised in South Korea, Lee's journey is imbued with a profound gratitude...

394th Field Hospital prepares to mobilize
Oct. 17, 2023 - Army Reserve Soldiers from the 394th Field Hospital (FH) participated in a unit validation at Fort Cavazos, Texas, on Sept. 26, 2023...

Army Reserve Col. Rodney Sanders takes command of Western Medical Area Readiness Support Group
Oct. 17, 2023 - Col. Renn Polk relinquished duties as the commander of the Western Medical Area Readiness Support Group (WEMARSG) to Col. Rodney Sanders during a change of command ceremony Sept. 23 at the Madigan Medical Center Letterman...
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