On 18 July 1994 the 1 USAR NCO Academy relocated from Fort Indiantown Gap at Annville, Pennsylvania, to Fort Dix, New Jersey. On 12 June 2003 the 1 USAR NCO Academy was fully accredited by the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy. On 1 October 2004 order number F-271-008 established U.S. NCO  Academy Fort Dix as it transitioned from the 98th DIV (IT) to the 84th DIV (IT), which then transitioned into the 84th United States Army Reserve Readiness Training Command.  On 29 July 2010 permanent order F-210-003 reassigned U.S. NCO Academy Fort Dix to the 4th Battalion 339th Regiment, ARRTC (Provisional); a direct reporting unit to USARC. On 23 APR 2014 the ARRTC was reflagged as the 83rd USARRTC as the parent unit of U.S. NCO Academy Fort Dix. On 01 October 2017 permanent order F-114-001 reassigned U.S. NCO Academy Fort Dix to 100th Training Division.

Currently, U.S. NCO Academy Fort Dix’s chain of command is the 83rd USARRTC, 100th TD, 80th TC, USARC.

Logo and Branding

In 2015, U.S. Army NCO Academy Fort Dix changed its logo to accurately symbolize its role as a professional institution, representing “The Gold Standard” in military education. Our academy Cadre are disciplined and educated servant leaders who are stewards of the Army Profession. This logo was created by Mr. Thom Kostura, spouse of MSG Ijpe H. Dekoe, former Senior Small Group Leader (BLC) and Quality Assurance Evaluator.


Protractor: Symbolizes the NCO moral compass and spearheading the way forward.

Chevron: In keeping with the protractor symbol, the chevrons point north, reaching upward, and leading the way

Silhouette: Represents the Academy Cadre and Students. Regardless of their background, they can see themselves as part of our legacy.

Color Scheme: Official colors of the Army, black and gold. Black symbolizes knowledge and jurisprudence while gold symbolizes achievement and honor.

Alternate Logos


                                        Color on Black Background           Black on White Background                White on Black Background