Sustainment and Resiliency Division

Our Mission

The Sustainment and Resiliency Division (SRD) plans, programs, and resources United States Army Reserve (USAR)-funded Installation services, establishing policies and guidance as they relate to sustainable and resilient facility operations.

State-of-the-art, sustainable, and resilient facilities, lands, and infrastructure that contribute to a capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve Force.

Resilience enables the USAR to anticipate, recover, and adapt to changing conditions. Secure and reliable assets at USAR facilities are vital to perform its key mission and support global operations. The Strategic Readiness Team (SRT) partners with USAR-funded Installations and Readiness Divisions to facilitate the Integrated Strategic and Sustainability Planning (ISSP) process, supporting the creation long-term holistic strategic plans. Through ISSP, SRT helps strengthen the USAR’s alignment with a culture focused on warfighter readiness and resilience.​

The USAR Energy & Water Program’s priority is to ensure available, reliable, and quality power and water to sustain critical missions. Our energy and water initiatives are united in effort—enabling the USAR to execute a holistic strategy that enhances readiness and resilience while improving the operational capabilities of Soldiers.

The USAR Environmental Program champions environmental stewardship through legal compliance. It enables senior leaders to make the best possible decisions in support of USAR missions while bolstering the ecosystems upon which military training and operations depend.

We enable our facilities to work—on any given day, in the face of any given challenge, we enable USAR facilities to operate safely and effectively with the resources they need to achieve their mission. Through the USAR Solid Waste Program, logistics and engineering funding, or infrastructure analytics to articulate requirements-driven decisions, our Services Branch is here to support a wide range of essential programs.

We believe we have a special duty to our communities to do things the right way. We also believe that Soldiers, Civilians and our communities have a personal responsibility to implement conservation and resilience efforts. Everyone is vulnerable to the risks that drive the USAR’s focus on long-term sustainability. Whether natural disasters or cyberattacks, personal resilience is just as important as military resilience.

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Devens Reserve Forces Training Area strengthens environmental stewardship through Qualified Recycling Program
June 30, 2020 - What does it take to be the most capable, combat-ready reserve force? A focus on training to win the wars of tomorrow and a whole lot of brass to back it up. As a United States Army Reserve (USAR)- funded Installation that enables Total Force readiness through mission related training, Devens Reserve Forces Training Area (RFTA) has recycled over 49.5 tons of spent brass over the past three fiscal years. Now, the USAR-funded Installation is actively working to set up a Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) to not only recycle brass shells, but eventually gain proceeds that can be fed back into the Installation to support critical sustainability and community programs.

Huntsville Center REMs exceed energy savings goals for the Army Reserve
June 26, 2020 - The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Resource Efficiency Manager Program not only continued to deliver the program, but exceeded energy savings goals for the 88th Readiness Division throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

FAQs: COVID-19 impact to the U.S. Army Reserve
May 19, 2020 - These questions have been submitted by Soldiers to various U.S. Army Reserve social media websites. Here, Soldiers may find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Fort Hunter Liggett microgrid project prioritizes Army Reserve energy resilience
May 12, 2020 - In February 2020, the personnel at FHL, California, got to experience firsthand a demonstration of a microgrid similar to what is being installed at the AR-funded Installation. So what is a microgrid and how does it work?

Twice the Life: Fort Buchanan Helps Repurpose Textiles and Increases Waste Diversion
March 27, 2020 - U.S. Army Garrison Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, is the only Federal military Installation on the island and in fact, the only military Installation in the Caribbean. Their unique location, coupled with a history of overcoming natural disasters in recent years, makes for a strong, tight-knit community that takes care of each other and their resources. The Fort Buchanan Directorate of Public Works (DPW) is always seeking new sustainable and resilient solutions to bolster their community and environmental stewardship. Their newest initiative, a textile collection program, is strengthening partnerships while diverting waste that would have been sent to landfills.

Resource efficiency managers help meet Army energy goals
Homar Velazquez, resource efficiency manager with the U.S. Army Reserve at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, explains the workings of potable water system in a clinic there. The water is collected on the roof of the clinic, drained into large tanks and then chlorinated. Puerto Rico has a high average yearly rainfall, and the clinic's potable water system can provide potable water to the clinic for 14 days independently if needed.
Feb. 11, 2020 - The accomplishments of one resource efficiency manager with the U.S. Army Reserve at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, is proving that leveraging Huntsville Center’s expertise is a force-multiplier in meeting the Army’s energy goals.
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