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Resilience Resolutions - Ready in 2020
We're ringing in the New Year by focusing on resilience resolutions. Why resilience? Because resiliency enables the U.S. Army Reserve to anticipate, recover and adapt to changing conditions so citizen-Soldiers have the ability to respond at a moment’s notice. But it's not just the Army Reserve that's at risk with resilience vulnerabilities like natural disasters or cyberattacks. Soldiers, Civilians and our communities all must play our part to be mindful of energy and water use, reducing waste, and recycling more. 

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Did You Know?
The Army Reserve Sustainability and Resilience Division focuses on mitigating risks posed by energy and water interruptions? Our priority is to ensure available, reliable, and quality power and water to continuously sustain critical missions.

Fiscal Year 2019 By The Numbers:

  • We have 190,000 Soldiers and 11,000 Civilians operating within 42 million square feet of building space across the nation. 
  • The Army Reserve reduced potable water use intensity (WUI) by 28% compared to FY18. WUI also decreased by 46% compared to a FY13 baseline. 
  • Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, installed a potable rainwater harvesting system at their Welcome Center, three additional buildings, and have several others under design. These systems help provide onsite water to offset offsite utility provided potable water and help ensure water can be provided during times of utility disruption. 
  • The Army Reserve achieved an 11.62% decrease in energy use intensity (EUI) compared to the FY15 baseline and a .8% decrease in EUI compared to FY18. 
  • To-date, the Army Reserve has installed enough renewable energy at Reserve locations that could power 1,776 American homes for one year. 

Helpful #ResilienceResolutions Links
Want to implement changes in 2020 that will help you conserve energy and water while reducing your bills? Check out these resources to find out more about energy and water initiatives, as well as everyday tips you can use at home and at work! 

Energy Saver (Department of Energy)
U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives
Energy Information Administration 
Environmental Protection Agency - Energy
Environmental Protection Agency - WaterSense
Environmental Protection Agency - Water Topics  


Fort Buchanan and Hurricane Maria: A Look Back at Lessons Learned
Nov. 14, 2019 - In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, lost a basic service - refuse collection. But, with the post's proactive solid waste management, recovery was within reach.

Wood Pallet and Crate Recycling: Turning Waste to Energy
Nov. 6, 2019 - Excess wood pallets and crates stockpiled at a facility can be an eyesore, a safety hazard, a fire hazard, a safe harbor for unwanted pests, and even a storm water violation if the wood has been saturated with oils or other potential contaminants. What should be done if wood pallets/crates are becoming a problem at your facility?

Army Reserve kicks off Energy Action Month
Oct. 4, 2019 - The U.S. Army Reserve has kicked off participating in Energy Action Month, an Army-wide awareness campaign designed to educate Soldiers, Civilians and Families about energy resiliency and conservation while enhancing their understanding of Army energy initiatives.
Resources For You

The Army Reserve Sustainability Programs provide energy, water, environmental and solid waste solutions to harden Army Reserve facilities to help ensure that land, air and water resources are always available for the timely citizen-Soldier response.

Helpful Recycling Links

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For more information about Army Reserve Sustainability Programs, please contact Ms. Ashley Bradford at 703-806-6797.