October is Energy Action Month. Find out why secure and reliable access to energy is vital for the U.S. Army to have the Power to Win.
General Gustave Perna, Commanding General, Army Materiel Command, explains why power and energy is important to the U.S. Army.
Sergeant Major of the Army, Michael A. Grinston, shares how the Army is taking action to enhance energy resilience and increase readiness.
Our Mission

The Army Reserve Sustainability Programs provide energy and water solutions to harden Army Reserve facilities to help ensure that land, air, and water resources are always available for the timely citizen-Soldier response.

2019 Energy Action Month
Energy Action Month is an Army-wide awareness campaign designed to educate Soldiers, Civilians and Families about energy resiliency, security, efficiency, and conservation; enhance their understanding of Army energy initiatives; encourage their participation in these efforts; and share our energy success stories with our peers and the general public.

Energy Action Month occurs every October. All Army Commands are encouraged to participate and host activities and events at their respective sites. As a land-holding Command, the United States Army Reserve participates in Energy Action Month and encourages all Installations, Readiness Divisions and Mission Support Command to do so as well.

Why is energy important?
From the electricity that powers our facilities to the fuel that powers our vehicles, energy touches nearly every aspect of the Army Reserve’s mission. However, there are many threats to our energy security: increasing global demands for energy, natural disasters, fluctuating fuel costs and innovative adversarial attacks like cyberweapons, to name a few concerns. We must help ensure Soldiers have the energy they need, when they need it and where they need it—even in the face of an energy crisis. This is a concept known as energy security. Energy conservation and efficiency efforts contribute to the Army Reserve’s energy security, and they reduce our operating costs.

Furthermore, Army Directive 2017-07, Installation Energy and Water Security Policy, mandates that the Army "prioritize energy and water security requirements to ensure available, reliable power and water to continuously sustain critical missions ..." and "reduce risk to critical missions by providing the necessary energy and water for a minimum of 14 days."

Army Reserve kicks off Energy Action Month
Oct. 4, 2019 - The U.S. Army Reserve has kicked off participating in Energy Action Month, an Army-wide awareness campaign designed to educate Soldiers, Civilians and Families about energy resiliency and conservation while enhancing their understanding of Army energy initiatives.
Resources For You
Energy Action Month graphic

Visit your local Exchange or Commissary in October for energy conservation promotions. 

For more information about Army Reserve Sustainability Programs, please contact Ms. Ashley Bradford at 703-806-6797.