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Conducting an Article 15 in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice
The Army JAG Corps offers a wide variety of practice experience to new officers. Judge Advocates practice in the US, overseas, and in deployed environments. Where will you be in your first four years?
Brig. Gen. Ural Glanville and the Army Reserve: “All rise,” is a sound that is all too familiar to everyone, whether by television or actually being in a courtroom for any number of reasons. It’s a sound that has become almost second nature for many courtroom officials and for Brig. Gen. Ural Glanville, Chief Judge of United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals, one that sounds like much responsibility that he gladly accepts. In his 11 years as a superior court judge, Glanville has presided over some very high profile cases. Cases that he believes he was able to finesse due to the things he learned in the military such as the Army Values, the Soldier’s creed, the warrior ethos and skills from the JAG Corps.

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 Contract/Fiscal Law & Ethics

The Contract & Fiscal Law Division (KFL) serves to provide guidance and advice on purchase and supply requirements, financial matters, and general fiscal concerns to United States Army Reserve Command's (USARC's), USARC directorates, and to USARC supported Geographic & Functional commands. The Ethics Division manages the USARC ethics program. In particular, this Division provides advice or technical support to USARC leaders, staff, and subordinate command ethics counselors on the full range of ethics issues, including conflicts of interest, interactions with non-federal entities, use of government resources, travel, gifts, and post-government employment. The Ethics Division also manages USARC's Financial Disclosure Program and facilitates mandatory ethics training for new employees and filers of financial disclosure reports.

 Administrative and Civil Law
The Administrative Law Division (ALD) provides legal advice and counsel on behalf of the USARC SJA to HQ USARC Senior Leaders and Staff Principals on administrative investigations, congressional inquiries, government information practices, EO/SHARP complaints, military personnel law, civil litigation, and regulatory issues and compliance matters requiring the interpretation and application of statutes and DoD and DA directives, regulations and policies. ALD reviews all Article 138 UCMJ complaints arising within USARC units for action by the Commanding General USARC.. ALD provides technical advice to Geographic and Functional command legal teams on all administrative law matters and coordinates with OCAR in the development and issuance of Army Reserve military personnel policies and incentive programs. The Deputy Chief, ALD is the USARC SJA's principal advisor on professional responsibility matters involving Army Reserve judge advocates, DAC attorneys, legal administrators, and paralegals.
 Military Law

The Military Law Division (MLD) serves as the highest level of review for all officer separation and elimination cases in the Army Reserve before final action is taken by the U.S. Army Reserve Command (USARC) Commanding General. MLD provides critical technical advice to Geographic and Functional command legal teams on all military justice actions. MLD coordinates and collaborates with Office of Chief Army Reserve (OCAR) in the development and issuance of the USAR Military Justice Policy. Finally, it assists the SJA in advising the USARC Commanding General on all military justice and military personnel law matters for the Army Reserve. 

 National Security Law (NSL)

Serves as the primary office for providing legal advice on USAR National Security issues. This includes the planning and execution of military operations (CUOPS and FUOPS), domestic operations (DOMOPS), Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA), Immediate Response Authority (IRA), and force management. The NSL also provides legal advice on Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding (MOA/MOU) with federal and/or non-governmental partners, and is the legal designee in the USAR's Continuity of Operations Plan, Protection Working Group, Crisis Action Team, Homeland Defense Team, and LSMO Working Group.



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