Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD)


The Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship helps cover higher education costs, while simultaneously prepares the cadet as a future Army Reserve officer. Visit or to find out more info! Video by Tim Yao
Juliane Cherry recently graduated high school and received the Army Reserve's Minuteman Scholarship. She will graduate college with full tuition covered, and commission as a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army Reserve. She chose to join the Reserve because it offers her flexibility to serve her country and purse a career in the healthcare field simultaneously. Visit to find out how you can serve! Video By Tim Yao Music license from Storyblocks.
2LT Isabella Cross shares how the Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship helped shape her success after college. Video By Tim Yao


What is the Minuteman campaign?

The Minuteman is a 4 year Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) scholarship which covers full tuition and fees OR $10,000 room and board at colleges and universities served by an Army ROTC program. In return, the awardee is guaranteed a commission into the U.S. Army Reserve with an eight-year service obligation.

If you are a high school senior interested in receiving an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship and commissioning into the Army Reserve, the GRFD Scholarship Minuteman Campaign provides you an excellent opportunity.

The Minuteman campaign offers two types of 4 year scholarships.

  1. 4-year scholarship may only be awarded to incoming college freshmen attending a host ROTC program or a public university at resident rates.
  2. 3-year Advance Designee Scholarship (3AD) is a 4-year scholarship awarded to an incoming college freshman that pays the last 3 years of benefits provided the applicant successfully meets the requirements to contract after the first year. The first year is a probationary year; the 3AD winner receives no financial scholarship benefits during the first year.

Scholarship recipients also receive a monthly stipend of $420, and a yearly book allowance of $1,200. In addition, Minuteman recipients participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program, which gives them experience with an Army Reserve unit while earning additional money for their service.

If you are currently enrolled in college and interested in a 2-year or 3-year scholarship, please contact your ROTC program for a campus based GRFD scholarship.

To get started, high school seniors should contact the Professor of Military Science or Recruiting Operations Officer at the Army ROTC program that serves their college or university. There are 275 host programs that cover nearly 3,000 schools across the United States.

To find a program that serves your college or university, go to For questions concerning the Minuteman Campaign, email the GRFD Scholarship Minuteman Campaign manager or call 502-624-7695.

Deadline for all nomination letters is 01 August 2021.



• Currently in the Army Reserve or eligible to enlist (meaning test and physically qualified but not sworn in)
• U.S. Citizen
• Between the ages of 17-30
• Valid Chapter 2 MEPS physical
• Able to pass a Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (required to sign contract and receive scholarship benefits)
• Be in compliance with AR 600-9 HT/WT standards
• Official University/College acceptance letter
• 4-year scholarship and 3AD applicants require: 2.5 GPA and SAT-1000 or ACT-19
• Participate in Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
• Once commissioned…8-year service obligation
• Must be no older than 30 in the year of your commission



1. Have an official acceptance letter from the University/College you plan to attend. The school must have ROTC program.

2. To receive a 4-year or 3 year Advanced Designee Minuteman scholarship you are required to have a minimum:

  • 2.5 High School GPA and
  • 1000 SAT or 19 ACT.

3. Inform the ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) at the university you plan to attend interest in joining the ROTC program and scholarship.

4. The ROO will assist and build the scholarship request packet. You will require the following docs to submit with the application:

  • DA 4824 USAR SMP Agreement
  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from Army Reserve unit
  • Nomination Letter for Minuteman Scholarship from an Army Reserve Ambassador (ARA), Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army (CASA), or USAR Major Subordinate Command (MSC) Commander.
  • The local Army Recruiter will assist you with obtaining all of the above mentioned documents.

Also, it’s a requirement to have status (enlist) in the Army Reserve. While applying it’s only required to be eligible to enlist. That means the applicant must be test/phys. qualified – Qualified Not Enlisted (QNE) with the MEPS. The applicant will not be required to swear-in until they have received a ROTC scholarship offer letter.

*By accepting the Minuteman scholarship a cadet is not eligible to compete for active duty.




•  Receive full tuition and fees (uncapped) or room and board ($10,000 per year) at the participating University of attendance

•  Receive Cadet stipend monthly ($420 Freshman-Senior)

•  Receive a book stipend of $1,200 annually ($600 per semester)

•  SMP with USAR unit and drill monthly and receive E5/CDT drill pay

•  Enroll in ROTC at University of attendance

•  Have a 2.5 cumulative GPA to accept the scholarship (if a current student) and 2.0 GPA to maintain scholarship eligibility

•  To find the Army ROTC program near you, go online to

Minuteman Scholarship flier

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