The United States Army Reserve safety directorate employs safety techniques to prevent fratricide, property damage, personnel injury and mission disruption to eliminate the effects of accidents on unit readiness and mission accomplishment.

Manage a world-class safety program that is viewed as a vital enabler to readiness.

Safety Advisory: Non-FDA Compliant PPE

IMMEDIATE ACTION:Stop the use and distribution of the following nonmedical PPE purchased through Army contract mechanisms in the fight against COVID-19.

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Safety Alert: M-Gators and Electrical Hazards

Safety Alert: M-Gators and Electrical HazardsM-Gators / Gators are equipped with two (2), 12 Volt (VDC) batteries. The two (2) batteries are designed to be connected in parallel to sustain 12 volts needed to power the electrical design of this vehicle. The parallel connection has the ability to provide necessary amperage for high currents components.

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Safety Alert: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

Safety Alert: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home graphic

Topics include Cleaning Surfaces, Disinfecting Surfaces, Making Bleach Solution, and Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home If Someone Is Sick.

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Safety Alert: COVID-19 at Fuel/Charge/ATM Stations

Safety Alert: COVID-19 at Fuel/Charge/ATM StationsDespite Social Distancing –Some personnel will still need to travel and it is inevitable they will have to pump fuel; touching the pump handle and the payment keypad, both of which may have the COVID-19 virus present.

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Safety Alert: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Occupational Exposure

Safety Alert: COVID-19The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act classifies COVID-19 in the workplace as Occupational Exposure to potentially infectious materials and the AR 385-10 Army Safety Program as Army Accident (Occupational Illness).

  • Reporting and Recording for Military and Civilian personnel exposed to COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • Safety Requirement (Reporting and Recording): The commander or supervisor who first becomes aware of all suspected Occupational Exposure will immediately notify their Chain of Command and local Safety Office. The local Safety Office will report the occupational exposure to the Army Reserve Safety.

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Read more about the coronavirus at and at

Fatality Alert: Training Fatality 09 March 2020 (.pdf)

Safety Alert 03 March 2020

  • To report an Army Reserve accident/incident or workplace hazard, call USAR Safety at:
    910-570-SAFE (7233)

    Safety Director
    Commercial:  910-570-9280
    DSN:  312-670-9280
    Cell:  910-852-1931

    Deputy Safety Director
    Commercial:  910-570-9284
    DSN:  312-670-9284
    Cell:  910-568-8517

    Executive Officer
    Commercial:  910-570-8103
    DSN:  312-670-8103

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Are you planning to go TDY or taking Leave? In accordance with Army Regulations and USARC Regulations if you are traveling by POV you are required to fill out the TRIPS form on the Combat Readiness Center website.