Congratulations to the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 807th Medical Command Deployment Support (MCDS) for being selected as the Army Reserve winner for the annual DOD Reserve Family Readiness Award. Maj. Gen. A.C. Roper, deputy chief, Army Reserve, introduces and congratulates the award recipients. The award presentation took place on March 29, 2019, at the Pentagon Hall of Heroes. The ceremony was hosted by the Honorable James Stewart, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.
LTG Charles D Luckey talks about the incompatibility of extremist groups and service in America's Army Reserve. New version has direction for commanders--including holding Soldiers accountable.
Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey discusses Army Reserve Family Programs and its importance in supporting our Soldiers and their Families.
Want to know more about the Army Reserve? America's Army Reserve: The most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation.

ARFP logo and sloganArmy Reserve Family Programs (ARFP) is a comprehensive blend of quality of life programs in support of Department of Defense activities. Family Programs is a Commander's force multiplier for mission readiness. Family programs staff serve as the primary coordinating resource, who provide a multitude of unit and community-based services that foster the growth, development, and readiness of Soldiers and Families assigned to the Command.

Additionally, Army Reserve Family Programs provides a single gateway to responsive Family Crisis Assistance.  ARFP provides a unit and community based solution that connects people to people.  By pinpointing Families-in-need and local community resources, the Army Reserve can quickly connect the Soldier Family and resources thus providing installation-commensurate services in the geographic location of the crisis.  


The strength of our nation is our Army. The strength of our Army is our Soldiers. The strength of our Soldiers is our Families. The Army recognizes that the selfless dedication and commitment of Army Families directly contributes to the readiness of our Soldiers. Families are the force behind the force. Throughout the year, the Army observes the following commemorations as a reminder of contributions and sacrifices made by Soldiers and their Families every day.


What coaching is

*Partnering with members in a thought provoking and creative process to promote healthy lifestyle change

*Inspiring people to live life to their fullest potential personally and Professionally

* A forward-looking process where each member establishes a vision, clear goals and action steps

*Driven by the member and supported by the coach-the coach doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it, but stands by your side as you share

what you really want and what actions you're truly ready to take 

*Helping members to identify their strengths and use them to create their own solutions

FOCUS AREAS: Weight management, fitness and nutrition, living well with a health condition, stress management, and life transitions (adapting to lifestyle change or retirement).

To sign up with a coach, call 800-342-9647 or schedule online coaching sessions.

To find a list of the Personal Financial Counselors, please click here.


National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) is celebrated every May and is a declaration that encourages U.S. citizens to observe the month in a symbol of unity. NMAM honors the current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including those who have died in the pursuit of freedom.

Military Spouse Day

Everyone knows how hard it can be on Soldier – always being on call, long deployments in dangerous situations, and always putting the Army first, often ahead of family and personal interests.

Without Army Reserve spouses and the support they give, Soldiers wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.  Honoring spouses with a day or recognition is just one way to show appreciation.

On behalf of the Department of Defense, thank you for your service and sacrifice as a part of our military community. Military OneSource recognizes you and celebrates your commitment as a military spouse. Your free kit includes the following items packaged in a Military OneSource lunch tote:

  • Military OneSource and Spouse Education and Career Opportunities services cards – to provide you with information on resources designed for you
  • Chill drill – to help you de-stress on the go with an audio device you can plug your headphones into
  • Pop socket – to prop up your phone when you need to be hands-free
  • Military OneSource Z-card – to help you access a range of services should you need them
  • Luggage tag – to help you quickly find your bag
  • Chip clip – to help with a pinch, from closing a bag to keeping napkins from blowing away
  • Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program pen

To access your kit, log in to your Military OneSource account to place your order. If you do not have an account, you can create one in four easy steps:

  1. Click the Create an Account button
  2. Complete all necessary profile information
  3. Create a password for your account
  4. Verify your account via email. This will complete the registration process

Gold Star Mother's Day

Military Family Month

24/7 connection to information, answers and support. Dedicated to the greater military community. Helping service members, military spouses and families take full advantage of all the benefits and resources they have available.  For more information visit the website at or call 1-800-342-9647.  Click picture above for a brief overview of services provided.

Additional Family Resources at
U.S. Army Families

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The USARC Chaplain Directorate is taking this opportunity to re-introduce the Army Reserve (AR) Battle Buddy Application (APP) for the iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones.  The APP provides detailed intervention, awareness and prevention information concerning the Army’s Suicide Prevention Program and Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program.  This user friendly APP helps the AR Soldier be a better Battle Buddy by providing the tools and information needed to assist in suicide intervention and other situations before they reach crisis proportions.  For instructions on how to download this app click here.

We know quitting tobacco is hard. But the more you prepare yourself, the more likely you are to quit for good. Learn how to make and stick to a quit plan and how medications and other options can help you on your journey.

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Disaster Response Checklists:
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