AR 600-92: Army Suicide Prevention Program
The regulation lays out comprehensive policies that address risk and protective factors to reduce stressors that may lead to self-directed and other harmful behaviors while providing commanders and leaders with effective tools and resources.


Lt. Gen. Jody J. Daniels and Command Sgt. Maj. Andrew J. Lombardo, Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army Reserve, sign the U.S. Army Reserve Suicide Prevention Campaign 2020 Proclamation at the U.S. Army Reserve Command Headquarters, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, September 12, 2020. The proclamation was signed to bring added attention to the complexity of suicide and emphasize the many resources and support available.
U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers share a message of hope along with their personal experiences or struggles with suicide. These Soldiers originally shared their stories for a public affairs feature program and series titled "Voices of Strength," a video campaign produced to offer a revamped look at suicide prevention, using real, unscripted stories of U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers involved with suicide, either through the loss of a loved one, loss of a Soldier, personal attempts or through the perspective of the investigative officers. The goal of these videos is to provide new content for suicide prevention training and discussion to reduce suicide rates across the force.

Resources for Stressors - link to PDF

How do I know if myself or one of my Soldiers/Family Members is in a crisis?
 Information on Crisis Intervention »  


A response guide to when a Service member — by actions or words, such as actual, attempted, or threatened violence — intends or is likely to cause serious injury to himself or herself.Suicidal Ideation Flowchart

Continue ACE Protocol. Ensure dialogue with Family and friends if access to lethal means changes.

Commander/Leader Role

  • CDR/Supervisor refer for emergency Mental Health Evaluation (MHE) and/or Chaplain support.
  • Initiate SIR/CCIR
  • Initiate LOD (2173, MMSO)
  • TRICARE one-off if needed
  • Concur/non-concur with BH recommendation
  • Counsel on options for BH coverage

Source: DoDI 6490.04

Duty Status

  • Order escort into duty status if not AGR or on AT, ADT, ADOS.
  • If Soldier with ideation on duty status, complete LOD to ensure duty status is either continued or terminated after MHE.

RMA (immediate status for escort); AT (for escort if no RMA available; Soldier if LOD); Fragmented AT is authorized

Weapon Access

  • Commanders MAY ask about access to weapons
  • Request voluntary storage of weapons in unit arms room
  • On post, can have authorization removed
  • Issue DA Form 3749 when taking control of weapons

References: DoDI 6490.16; DODI6490.19; AR 190-11

Call or text 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Veterans Crisis Line Dial 988 press 1

Chat: Send a text message to 838255 or

OCONUS access:
Dial the country code to reach the U.S. (dependent on caller's location).

  • Europe: 844-702-5495 or DSN 988
  • The Pacific: 844-702-5493 or DSN 988
  • Southwest Asia: 855-422-7719 or DSN 988

Call 911 in an emergency

In an emergency, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

A common bond: We can talk about suicide

Suicide ideation can be frightening, but acknowledging the moment and reaching out for support can help prevent devastating outcomes. The Army has a wealth of resources available; some of these include the R2 Performance Centers for building...

Suicide Prevention Proclamation 2021