LTG Charles D Luckey talks about the incompatibility of extremist groups and service in America's Army Reserve. New version has direction for commanders--including holding Soldiers accountable.
Want to know more about the Army Reserve? America's Army Reserve: The most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation.
Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey welcomes the new year and talks about the exciting things ahead for America's Army Reserve.
Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey, chief of Army Reserve and commanding general, U.S. Army Reserve Command, sends his message to the field about the Army Combat Fitness Test, the newest way the Army will evaluate the physical fitness and endurance of its Soldiers.
Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey calls on U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers to "know what right looks like" and commit to following safety procedures.
LTG Charles D Luckey addresses concerns about the requirements for Ready Force X.
Pilot program provides a new option for Army officers’ professional military education
(Left) Brig. Gen. Aaron Walter, commander of the 100th Training Division-Leader Development, visits the officers attending the Command and General Staff College Phase Two 4x4 Course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, June 10, 2019. The 4x4 course is a pilot program that allows Army officers to complete the second of three phases in person during four weekends instead of the previous option of eight weekend classes or through distance learning.
June 24, 2019 - Army field grade officers now have a new, shorter option for completing their Command and General Staff Officer Course phase two. “We are taking a portion of a course that is essentially planned for eight weekends over an eight month period, and we’re compressing it down to four weekends in four months,” said Lt. Col. Sean Truax, a CGSOC instructor assigned to the 10th Battalion Headquarters, 97th Training Brigade, 100th Training Division (Leader Development).

Army Reserve Soldiers at Interservice Pistol Championship
Staff Sgt. Sandra Uptagrafft (108th Training Command) firing at the 60th Annual Interservice Pistol Championship hosted and conducted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) at Fort Benning.
June 23, 2019 - Army Reserve Soldiers compete with the best shooters in all branches and components of our military at the 60th Annual Interservice Pistol Championship.

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Tests Physical and Mental Strength
The Regional Training Site – Maintenance Fort Indiantown Gap hosted its annual German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge competition on May 31-June 2. The RTS-M Fort Indiantown Gap falls under the command and control of the 94th Training Division, which supports the 80th Training Command's mission of more than 2,700 instructors providing essential training to Army Reserve, National Guard, and Active Duty Soldiers.
June 19, 2019 - When Maj. Teresa Ruotolo, an Army National Guard Soldier assigned to the 165th Military Police Battalion, signed up for the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge test here May 31-June 2, she did not expect the difficulty of the task she had ahead of her.

Army announces Expert Soldier Badge
Army senior leaders announced the implementation of the Expert Soldier Badge, June 14. Similar to the Expert Infantryman Badge and the Expert Field Medical Badge, the ESB will allow commanders the opportunity to recognize Soldiers outside the Infantry, Special Forces and medical communities who have met a high standard of performance in physical fitness and warfighting tasks. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army graphic)
June 17, 2019 - In conjunction with the U.S. Army's 244th Birthday, the Army announced a new proficiency badge today, called the Expert Soldier Badge. The ESB is designed to improve lethality, recognize excellence in Solder combat skills and increase individual, unit and overall Army readiness. The ESB is the equivalent of the Expert Infantry Badge and Expert Field Medical Badge but for all other military occupational specialties in the Army. Commanders will soon be able to use the badge to recognize Soldiers who attain excellence in physical fitness and marksmanship and a high standard of expertise in land navigation and performing warfighting tasks. 

Psychological Operations calls on different set of weapons
Graduates of the 80th Training Command PSYOP class receive regimental crest pins at the end of their field exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California, Feb. 6, 2019.

Civilian role players at Fort Hunter Liggett help the PSYOP students learn to negotiate the difficult terrain of cultural, social and political differences as they try to ally the factions in a way beneficial to American interests. This scenario in the 80th Training Command's PSYOP class had a small-town American feel as they ironed out disagreements in the Town Hall meeting at the end of the scenario.
June 11, 2019 - Fort Hunter Liggett’s United States Army Reserve's 80th Training Command Psychological Operations (PSYOP) course provides realistic scenarios to teach Soldiers and Marines how to negotiate the difficult terrain of cultural, social and political differences when they deploy to other countries. The 4-week course is for those reclassifying for a new military occupational skill (MOS). Key skill sets taught are information-gathering and face-to-face communications.
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