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Staff NamePositionNumberEmail
LTC Mullins, TamalaARMMC
MAJ Bloyd, KathyDeputy/CLINOPS
MAJ Briscoe, DameonCLINOPS
MAJ Wilson, MichaelAR-MMC
CPT Rashied, MohammadHSB LOD
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Provider NamePositionNumberEmail
MAJ Manuel, GigiProvider
COL Dunkelberger, SherriSenior
COL Johnson,
COL Russell, AnthonyProvider
COL Oline, Jonathan (ACFT)Provider
LTC Fenice, John (ACFT)Provider
LTC Wareing, Sharon (BH)
MAJ Oxendale,
MAJ Hagen,
MAJ Ulysse,
CPT Hosey, Patrick (BH)
CPT Yun,
CPT Remauro, Kate (BH)
Dr. Gregario E. LeceaPhysician
Dr. Kidd, LesliePhysician
Case Management
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Huggins, Leslie (TL)910-771-5120leslie.c.huggins.ctr@mail.milTeam 13rd, 75th, USACAPOC, 85th Sup, 84th, 807th, 63rd, & 81st
Montanye, Catherine (TL)910-771-5102catherine.m.montanye.ctr@mail.milTeam 2MSC: 108th, MIRC, 80th, 200th, 9th, USARLC, 7th, ARAC, & USAR INNOV CMD
Mostafa, Kathleen (TL)910-771-5094kathleen.m.haven.ctr@mail.milTeam 3416th TEC, 79th CS, 335th, 412th, 76th, 88th, & ARCD
Miller-Lane, Gina (TL)910-771-5110gina.m.miller-lane.ctr@mail.milTeam 41st MSC, 377th TSC, 311th, 99th, & ARMEDCOM
Veasey, Selita, LPN910-771-5115selita.g.veasey.ctr@mail.milHIVALL
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