Army Reserve Historical Research Collection

To document the operational history of the United States Army Reserve (USAR).  The goal of the Office of Army Reserve History is to serve as the institutional memory of the USAR and ensure the availability of historical information, insights, and perspective in the military decision-making process.

The office provides a basis for original research which enables planners and operating officials to apply the lessons of past experience to current and future problems in order to find resolutions.

Soldiers of the 90th Infantry Division, an Army Reserve unit from Texas and Oklahoma, advance into Germany during World War II.

Primarily, the Collection contains records created by the US Army Reserve Command (USARC) and the Office of the Chief, Army Reserve (OCAR) which reflect Army Reserve affairs and Army Reserve history.  

There are additional records from other agencies such as US Forces Command (FORSCOM); and the Army Reserve Council (ARC), created (August 1991 by MG Roger W. Sandler, Chief, Army Reserve (8/21-12/92)) and developed to provide the framework for discussions on how the major Army Reserve commanders are being served by the USARC and OCAR.

The collection is comprised of records documenting the establishment of the US Army Reserve Command; annual historical reports from USARC special staff and directorates; OCAR and subordinate commands (dating from 1942 to the present).  

Other documents within the collection include selected command publications, policy making records; oral histories and selected transcripts; reports; studies; the organizational and Global War on Terrorism unit histories and personal papers from Army Reserve leaders such as MG William James Sutton, Chief of the Army Reserve from 1963 – 1971.

Access to these records aids to strengthen training, support leader development, promotes morale and esprit de corps, and fosters historical-mindedness among all members of the USAR and other interested parties.

For additional information and guidance on access to the Army Reserve Historical Research Collection, you may contact the Army Reserve Archivist, Office of Army Reserve History at (910) 570-8180; or at