***ATTENTION: Upon arrival, U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers reporting to the Basic Leader Course who are on the Permanent Promotion Recommended List are required to provide the NCOA with their signed DA 4187 that advances them from Specialist to Corporal. The approval authority for the DA 4187 is the Soldier's battalion or higher commander. The effective date should be the graduation date.***

BASIC LEADER COURSE OVERVIEW: The Basic Leader Course is a 22-academic-day, MOS immaterial course consisting of 169 academic hours. BLC is the first resident course of study in the Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System (NCOPDS). It is a leadership course focusing on team and squad-level leadership fundamentals, critical thinking, training management, and unit readiness.  We look forward to training you in the near future. 

ENTERPRISE EMAIL: Unit ATRRS Operators must ensure that the Students enterprise email is correct in ATRRS. NO CIVILIAN email addresses are acceptable. Failure to do so will result in the student NOT receiving the welcome letter and support information.

WELCOME LETTER: The BLC Course Manager sends out the welcome letter with all applicable course information to all students in ATRRS 30-days prior to the start of each course.

LODGING: All students will reside in the academy barracks at zero cost to the unit or Soldier. 

REPORT UNIFORM: Report in the complete Army Physical Fitness Uniform (Hats and Gloves Optional).  Have your Orders, Current Common Access Card, dog tags, and course specific required information and packing list items. 

STANDARDS AND DISCIPLINE: Uniform and grooming standards are strictly enforced.  It is the Soldier’s responsibility for ensuring wear and appearance reflects the highest level of professionalism.  Soldiers who do not meet the Army wear and appearance standards will make necessary corrections or provide documentation of an approved exception to policy prior course in-processing.  Soldiers who fail to make such corrections or produce documentation may be recommended for denied enrollment.

HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: Be prepared to conduct a weigh in and tape as required on the travel report day. Students that fail to meet this initial requirement will remain in the course and given a second screening for all that failed to meet the requirement seven days following the initial screening.  Students that fail a second screening will be released from the course and sent back to their units.

APFT:  Be prepared to conduct the APFT on day two of the course.  Highly recommend reporting on the travel day as early as possible to allow for maximum time to prepare for the APFT.