Supports United States Army Reserve (USAR) commands and provide case management for Soldiers with a deployment limiting medical condition. Centralized management and tracking of all profiles received from Army Reserve Soldier's or Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI)Centralized location for MEB/NDPEB/MAR2 packet building and submission into the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) and the Regional Support Command (RSC).  Centralized location for review of USAR WTU packets.  Any Questions? 

 Please call our Helpline at 910-771-5175 or visit https://www.milsuite.mil/book/groups/ar-mmc

 AR-MMC Profile Request Packet JUL 2019     

 AR-MMC Behavioral Health Profile Request Packet JUL 2019

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The case management team consists of a Physician, Team Lead, Nurse Case Manager, Nurse Case Reviewer, Patient Administrative Assistants, the Soldier, and the Soldier's Command/Unit.  

The Nurse case Manager/reviewer will track and manage all USAR (TPU/AGR) P3/P4 profiles.  

The case management team will work collaboratively with the Soldier, the Commander, the Deputy Program Director (Psychological Health Program - PHP), DHAP coordinator, Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC), the Health Services Branch representative (HSB), and other internal and external stakeholders to ensure the highest quality of service is provided to the Soldier.

Please send profile request packet for a temporary profile or NEW permanent profile to  usarmy.usarc.usarc-hq.mbx.armmc@mail.mil

ALL Permanent Profiles written before 1 JUNE 2016 must be re-written IAW Army Directive 2016-07 (Redesign of Personnel Readiness and Medical Deployability). These will be referred to as legacy profiles.

All legacy profiles need to be validated with medical documentation and rewritten into the new eProfile format before 30 September 2017.   

IAW above guidance Soldier must have supporting medical documentation the electronic medical records IOT have their profile transitioned.

Soldiers should have your medical documentation uploaded to your Soldier Treatment Record (STR) in the Health Readiness Review (HRR) by your unit. If no supporting documentation is available, the Soldier will need to go to their physician and have the limiting condition(s) re-assessed to determine if the condition remains, has worsened, or has improved and the profile is no longer needed

USARC Medical Readiness Transformation Profiling Team are co-located with the AR-MMC will coordinate/process legacy profiles.