The Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) is a primary entity that schedules and manages strategic initiatives and engagements of the Chief of Army Reserve and the U.S. Army Reserve's Commanding General (CAR/CG). The SIG is responsible for integration into higher decision-making processes that best support Army policy and strategy.  

The SIG provides direct support to the CAR/CG to assist with meeting the demands of her respective offices at the speed of action required to meet her objectives.  

The current SIG team includes billets split between the Pentagon, Ft. Belvoir, and Ft. Liberty. The Ft. Liberty team is known as the Commander's Initiatives Group (CIG) as it primarily focuses on providing support to the CG's initiatives at USARC.  

The SIG manages two general categories of efforts:
(1) Engagements, and (2) Initiatives:  

Strategic Engagements:

  •  Purpose: orchestrate senior leader engagements to support strategic objectives
  • Develop, Maintain, and communicate CAR/CG's four-year strategic calendar 
  • Provide assessment of engagement strategy for effectiveness in meeting CAR/CG strategic priorities 
  • In coordination with (ICW) OCAR/USARC staffs, develop necessary products, trip books and senior leader engagements 
  • ICW USAR Strategic Communications, develop, synchronize, and communicate CAR/CG strategic messages both internally and externally 
  • Transpose CAR/CG guidance, directives, and queries into RFIs. 
  • Conduct weekly strategic engagements synch meeting with OCAR/USARC Directors to determine gaps and evaluate engagement nominations 

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Purpose: lead problem framing, planning, and product development to support the achievement of CAR/CG priorities
  • Develop strategic initiatives as directed by the CAR/CG 
  • Define issues to be resolved, frame parameters, and define endstates 
  • Initiate planning framework and gain approval 
  • Coordinate with Deputy CAR and USARC Chief of Staff for Office of Primary Responsibility(OPR), and conduct handoff to OPR
  • Facilitate USAR Senior Leader review 
  • Coordinate research and assist in analysis, when necessary, lead and shape working groups

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