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USAR REG 1-2 Preparing Responses to Congressional Special Inquires

USAR REG 1-201 Organizational Inspection Program

USAR REG 10-1 Army Reserve Readiness Divisions

USAR REG 10-5 Organization, Mission, and Functions Manual

USAR REG 11-2 Command Logistics Review Program

USAR REG 25-1 Information Resources Management Program

USAR REG 25-2 Information Management Regional Support

USAR REG 25-3 Army Reserve Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4/IT) Investment Management

USAR REG 25-4 Army Reserve Enterprise Storage Management Program

USAR REG 37-2 Government Travel Charge Card Program

USAR REG 58-1 Management, Acquisition, and Use of Non Tactical Vehicles

USAR REG 71-2 Authorization or Requirement Document Changes

USAR REG 140-1 Force Management

USAR REG 140-3 Processing Incapacitation Claims

USAR REG 140-4 Enlisted and Officer Personnel Management

USAR REG 140-5 Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Command Assignment Selection Board Program

USAR REG 140-6 USAR Commander's Retention Program

USAR REG 215-1 Sergeant Audie Murphy Award (SAMA) Program

USAR REG 350-1 Army Reserve Readiness Training Center (ARRTC) Course Information and Administrative Procedures

USAR REG 350-2 Intelligence Training In USARC

USAR REG 380-1 Personnel Security

USAR REG 380-3 Safeguarding and Control of Communications Security (COMSEC) Material

USAR REG 380-4 Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI)

USAR REG 380-5 Information Security

USAR REG 385-1 Sleeping In USARC Facilities

USAR REG 385-2 USAR Safety Program

USAR REG 500-1 The U.S. Army Reserve Counterdrug Program

USAR REG 570-1 Manpower Management of Full Time Support USAR Installation Staffing

USAR REG 600-2 USAR Personnel Systems, Personnel Accounting, and Commander’s Guide to Personnel and Unit Database Management

USAR REG 608-1 Army Reserve Family Programs

USAR REG 700-1 Logistics Combat Service Support Hands On Training Mission Program

USAR REG 700-2 Semi-Annual Fuel Consumption Report

USAR REG 700-3 Management of Facility Property

USAR REG 735-1 Army Reserve Property Accountability Adjustment Data Report

USAR REG 740-1 Storage Management Program

USAR REG 750-1 Army Reserve Materiel Maintenance Management

USAR REG 870-1 Military Operations Historical Collection

USAR Form 4-R USAR Official Mail Inspection Checklist

USAR Form 5-R  Mail Control Log

USAR Form 6-R Property Accountability Adjustment Data (PPAAD) Report 

USAR Form 8-R Record of Stamps

USAR Form 19-R USAR Command Plan Issue Worksheet

USAR Form 22-R  Adjustment Certification

USAR Form 23-R Selective Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) Adjustment Certification Worksheet

USAR Form 24-R Individual-Claim for Active Duty Pay Allowances, and Adjustments

USAR Form 25-R Individual Active Duty Certificate of Performance

USAR Form 26-R Pay Document Transmittal Letter (TL)

USAR Form 27-R Pay Inquiry

USAR Form 28-R Notice of Indebtedness

USAR Form 29-R Change To Organization Data

USAR Form 30-R Officer Initial Additional Active Duty Allowance Statement

USAR Form 33-R Counterdrug Support Missions After Action Report

USAR Form 34-R Counterdrug Support Program Estimate of Mission Costs

USAR Form 36-R (TEST) USAR Subsistence Account Report

USAR Form 37-R Key Lock Inventory List

USAR Form 41-R Official Stamp Audit

USAR Form 48-R Sponsor Checklist

USAR Form 49-R In-processing Checklist for Active Component Full Time Support Personnel

USAR Form 57-R Combat Service Support Hands on Training Mission Quarterly Report

USAR Form 60-R Personnel Initial Annual Security Briefing Record

USAR Form 62-R Sponsor's Guide and In-processing Checklist

USAR Form 62-1-R Unit Sponsor List

USAR Form 62-2-R New Soldier Sponsorship Log

USAR Form 63-R Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Command Assignment Selection Board Worksheet

USAR Form 65-R Cryptographic Access Authorization and Termination

USAR Form 66-R FOIA Willingness to Pay Statement

USAR Form 67-R Correspondence Correction Checklist

USAR Form 68-R Security Inspection Checklist

USAR Form 75-R AR Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

USAR Form 75-1-R ARNet Privileged Level Access and Acknowledgement of Responsibilities Agreement

USAR Form 80-1-R Reenlistment Bonus Control Worksheet

USAR Form 80-2-R Reenlistment Bonus Control Number Log

USAR Form 81-R USARC OCONUS Hand-carry Classified Information Request

USAR Form 83-R Army Reserve Career Plan

USAR Form 89-1-R Government Travel Military Personnel Statement of Understanding

USAR Form 89-2-R Government Travel Civilian Personnel Statement of Understanding

USAR Form 90-R USARC Courier Briefing Acknowledgement

USAR Form 91-R Foreign Travel Briefing Statement

USAR Form 94-R USAR Terminal Server Access Controller System Registration Form

USAR Form 95-R Leads Data Form

USAR Form 96-R Leads List

USAR Form 97-R Leads Processing List

USAR Form 98-R Center of Influence (COI)-Very Important Person (VIP)

USAR Form 100-R Consideration of Others 5- Day Facilitator Workshop Attendance Sheet

USAR Form 101-R Consideration of Others Small Group Discussion Attendance Sheet

USAR Form 102-R-E Master Facilitator Certification

USAR Form 103-R-E Facilitator Certification

USAR Form 107-R Family Information Data Worksheet

USAR Form 108-R Army Reserve Family Programs Annual Award Nomination Form

USAR Form 109-R Volunteer Telephone Reimbursement

USAR Form 110-R Volunteer Newsletter Reimbursement

USAR Form 111-R Volunteer Child Care Reimbursement

USAR Form 112-R Volunteer Transportation Reimbursement

USAR Form 113-R Volunteer Miscellaneous Reimbursement

USAR Form 114-R Quarterly Family Support and Non-appropriated Fund Report

USAR Form 119-R Audio Conferencing Card Request and Receipt

USAR Form 121-R USAR Personnel Sheet

USAR Form 122 Stationing USAR Organization

USAR Form 123-R Validation of Cellular Telephone Calls

USAR Form 125-R Army Reserve Certificate to Operate

USAR Form 126 Information Technology Unit Action Support Form

USAR Form 130-R Reenlistment Eligibility Worksheet

USAR Form 131-R Readiness Profile Sheet

USAR Form 133-R AR C4-IT Acquisition Request

USAR Form 135-R Army Reserve Warrant Officer Checklist

USAR Form 136-R Army Reserve Warrant Officer Flight Checklist

USAR Form 139-R AR C4 -IT Investment Assessment Score Sheet

USAR Form 140-R Reclassification Validation Sheet for School Graduates

USAR Form 143-R Executive Correspondence Non-Disclosure Policy Acknowledgement Statement

USAR Form 145-R Training Course Critique

USAR Form 146-R Requirement Control Symbol (RCS) Register - Log

USAR Form 147 USAR Subsistence Source Approval Form

USAR Form 148-R Notice of Rating Chain Assignment or Change

USAR Form 150-R (TEST) Request for Operations Security (OPSEC) Review and Clearance for Public Release

USAR Form 153-R Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Issue Submission Form

USAR Form 154-R Combat - Contingency Operations Historical Report

USAR Form 154-1-R Historical Artifact Identification

USAR Form 155-R Combat - Contingency Operations Historical Autobiographical Sketch

USAR Form 155-1-R Historical Autobiographical Mission Description

USAR Form 156-R Regional Support Command Historian Support Report

USAR Form 159-R Army Reserve Health Counseling and Insurance Verification Form

USAR Form 160-R Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Breach Report

USAR Form 503-R Army Reserve Aircraft Programming and Utilization Flying Hour Report

USAR Form 1000-R Consolidated Semi-Annual Postage Expenditure Report


USAR Poster 10-R The Privacy Act in Daily Operations

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