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 U.S. Army Reserve Policy Memorandums

USAR Memo 1-1 Facility Management Handbook

USAR Memo 1-2 USARC Operations During Weekends and Non-Duty Hours 

USAR Memo 25-70 USARC Network Security

USAR Memo 30-1 AFMIS STORES Policy

USAR Memo 380-1 Information Systems Security

USAR Memo 500-1 Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources Crisis Action Procedures

USAR Memo 530-1 Operations Security (OPSEC)

USAR Memo 735-1 Property Accountability Adjustment Data Report

FY20 USAR IDT TRP Policy Update

Army Reserve Negotiated Settlement Agreement Coordination Policy

Army Reserve SMAPP

Army Reserve Soldiers who Deploy as Civilian Employees 

ARNET Wireless Policy 

Assignment of Privileged User Accounts

BRS CP Provision Procedures CY 2022

BRS CP Provision Procedures CY 2023

Change 1, Implementation Guidance for Stabilization for AC, IMA, and IRR to Reserve Component Transitions - Mobilization Deferments

Data Spillage and Negligent Disclosure of Classified Information Paper

Electronic Mail Signature Block and Protocol

Electronic Mail Use, Digital Signature, and Encryption

Elimination of DA Photo, Race, Ethnicity and Gender from Selection Boards

Equal Employment Opportunity Program Management Centralization

Exception to AR 140-10 - DOA Off Reclass Authority

Exception to AR 140-10 - Special Branch Transfers

FY22 Suspension of Removal for RCP for USAR TPU Soldiers Exc E-9 Implementation Instrs

FY22 Suspension of Removal for RCP for USAR TPU Soldiers Exc E-9s (to HQDA)

Guidance on Effective Dates of Reassignment, Transfer, and Discharge Orders - 19 Dec 19

Guidance to Consolidated ETPs for Enlisted Promotions During COVID19 - Update

Implemention Guidance for USAR TPU Temp Promotion - OCAR Rescind

Implementation Guidance for USAR TPU Temporary Promotions SGT -SGM - 25 May 22

Implementation Guidance to TPU Temp Promotions SGT-SGM - 7 Apr 21

Implementation Guidance to TPU Temporary Promotions (SGT-MSG) - 17 Feb 22 (signed)

Implementing Guidance to TPU Lateral Appt to CPL, Eligibility for BLC, and Promotion to SGT

Involuntary Separation of AR Officers and Warrant Officers

IR Personnel Qualification and Independence Requirements

IR TPU Authorization Decision Memo

Issuance of DD 214 215

Managed Network Violations

MICP Realignment

OHA Implementation Guidance

Passwords for System/Service Accounts

Policy for Nomination of IR TPU Personnel

Processing of Enlisted Involuntary Separations - Rescind 20 May 08 memo

Promotion of Volunteers on AD UP Title 10 (rescind MS promotions)

Protection-Related Inspections and Assessments Policy

Reassignment of Army Reserve TPU Soldiers to the Retired Reserve

Relief for Cause (RFC) Procedural Guidance

Reserve IR Policy for Approval of Military Audit 6T Skill Identifier

Retention Beyond Age 60 for AR TPU Enlisted Soldiers

Supervisory Review of Audit Working Papers and Supporting Documentation Memo

Suspension of MYOS for USAR TPU Soldiers w Exc of E-9s - Implementing Instructions

Temporary Promotion - Modification of Deployment Applicability  - All

Termination of SGLI for Unsatisfactory Participants

USAR Access Control

USAR Bluetooth Policy

USAR EBDL Policy 01DEC22

USAR G-1 Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) Policy

USAR Health Professionals Special and Incentive Pay Plan Policy FY23

USAR Implementation Guidance for Reserve Component Maternity Leave Program signed

USAR Internal Review Policy Memo, Auditor Training Requirements

USAR Lodging-In-Kind Policy

USAR MSC - Authority to Publish HDIP Orders

USAR Network Account Management

USAR Policy and Procedures for MRD Management of TPU Officers and Warrant Officers

USAR Policy Use of Web Cameras on USAR Managed Network v.0.6.1

USAR Quarantine Policy v1.0


USARC FY24 Holiday Observances

 U.S. Army Reserve Regulations

USAR REG 1-2 Preparing Responses to Congressional Special Inquires

USAR REG 1-201 Organizational Inspection Program

USAR REG 10-1 Army Reserve Readiness Divisions

USAR REG 10-5 Organization, Mission, and Functions Manual

USAR REG 11-2 Command Logistics Review Program

USAR REG 25-1 Information Resources Management Program

USAR REG 25-2 Information Management Regional Support

USAR REG 25-3 Army Reserve Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4/IT) Investment Management

USAR REG 25-4 Army Reserve Enterprise Storage Management Program

USAR REG 37-2 Government Travel Charge Card Program

USAR REG 58-1 Management, Acquisition, and Use of Non Tactical Vehicles

USAR REG 71-2 Authorization or Requirement Document Changes

USAR REG 140-1 Force Management

USAR REG 140-3 Processing Incapacitation Claims

USAR REG 140-4 Enlisted and Officer Personnel Management

USAR REG 140-5 Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Command Assignment Selection Board Program

USAR REG 140-6 USAR Commander's Retention Program

USAR REG 215-1 Sergeant Audie Murphy Award (SAMA) Program

USAR REG 350-1 Army Reserve Readiness Training Center (ARRTC) Course Information and Administrative Procedures

USAR REG 350-2 Intelligence Training In USARC

USAR REG 380-1 Personnel Security

USAR REG 380-3 Safeguarding and Control of Communications Security (COMSEC) Material

USAR REG 380-4 Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI)

USAR REG 380-5 Information Security

USAR REG 385-1 Sleeping In USARC Facilities

USAR REG 385-2 USAR Safety Program

USAR REG 500-1 The U.S. Army Reserve Counterdrug Program

USAR REG 570-1 Manpower Management of Full-Time Support

USAR REG 600-2 USAR Personnel Systems, Personnel Accounting, and Commander’s Guide to Personnel and Unit Database Management

USAR REG 608-1 Army Reserve Family Programs

USAR REG 700-1 Logistics Combat Service Support Hands On Training Mission Program

USAR REG 700-2 Semi-Annual Fuel Consumption Report

USAR REG 700-3 Management of Facility Property

USAR REG 735-1 Army Reserve Property Accountability Adjustment Data Report

USAR REG 740-1 Storage Management Program

USAR REG 750-1 Army Reserve Materiel Maintenance Management

USAR REG 870-1 Military Operations Historical Collection


 U.S. Army Reserve Forms

USAR Form 4-R USAR Official Mail Inspection Checklist

USAR Form 5-R Mail Control Log

USAR Form 6 Property Accountability Adjustment Data (PAAD) Report

USAR Form 8-R Record of Stamps

USAR Form 19-R USAR Command Plan Issue Worksheet

USAR Form 22-R  Adjustment Certification

USAR Form 23-R Selective Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) Adjustment Certification Worksheet

USAR Form 24-R Individual-Claim for Active Duty Pay Allowances, and Adjustments

USAR Form 25-R Individual Active Duty Certificate of Performance

USAR Form 26-R Pay Document Transmittal Letter (TL)

USAR Form 27-R Pay Inquiry

USAR Form 28-R Notice of Indebtedness

USAR Form 29-R Change To Organization Data

USAR Form 30-R Officer Initial Additional Active Duty Allowance Statement

USAR Form 33-R Counterdrug Support Missions After Action Report

USAR Form 34-R Counterdrug Support Program Estimate of Mission Costs

USAR Form 36-R (TEST) USAR Subsistence Account Report

USAR Form 37-R Key Lock Inventory List

USAR Form 41-R Official Stamp Audit

USAR Form 48-R Sponsor Checklist

USAR Form 49-R In-processing Checklist for Active Component Full Time Support Personnel

USAR Form 57-R Combat Service Support Hands on Training Mission Quarterly Report

USAR Form 60-R Personnel Initial Annual Security Briefing Record

USAR Form 62 Sponsors Guide and In-Processing Checklist

USAR Form 62-1-R Unit Sponsor List

USAR Form 62-2-R New Soldier Sponsorship Log

USAR Form 63-R Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Command Assignment Selection Board Worksheet

USAR Form 65-R Cryptographic Access Authorization and Termination

USAR Form 66-R FOIA Willingness to Pay Statement

USAR Form 67-R Correspondence Correction Checklist

USAR Form 68-R Security Inspection Checklist

USAR Form 75-R AR Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

USAR Form 75-1-R ARNet Privileged Level Access and Acknowledgement of Responsibilities Agreement

USAR Form 80-1-R Reenlistment Bonus Control Worksheet

USAR Form 80-2-R Reenlistment Bonus Control Number Log

USAR Form 81-R USARC OCONUS Hand-carry Classified Information Request

USAR Form 83-R Army Reserve Career Plan

USAR Form 89-1-R Government Travel Military Personnel Statement of Understanding

USAR Form 89-2-R Government Travel Civilian Personnel Statement of Understanding

USAR Form 90-R USARC Courier Briefing Acknowledgement

USAR Form 91-R Foreign Travel Briefing Statement

USAR Form 94-R USAR Terminal Server Access Controller System Registration Form

USAR Form 95-R Leads Data Form

USAR Form 96-R Leads List

USAR Form 97-R Leads Processing List

USAR Form 98-R Center of Influence (COI)-Very Important Person (VIP)

USAR Form 100-R Consideration of Others 5- Day Facilitator Workshop Attendance Sheet

USAR Form 101-R Consideration of Others Small Group Discussion Attendance Sheet

USAR Form 102-R-E Master Facilitator Certification

USAR Form 103-R-E Facilitator Certification

USAR Form 107-R Family Information Data Worksheet

USAR Form 108-R Army Reserve Family Programs Annual Award Nomination Form

USAR Form 109-R Volunteer Telephone Reimbursement

USAR Form 110-R Volunteer Newsletter Reimbursement

USAR Form 111-R Volunteer Child Care Reimbursement

USAR Form 112-R Volunteer Transportation Reimbursement

USAR Form 113-R Volunteer Miscellaneous Reimbursement

USAR Form 114-R Quarterly Family Support and Non-appropriated Fund Report

USAR Form 119-R Audio Conferencing Card Request and Receipt

USAR Form 121-R USAR Personnel Sheet

USAR Form 122 Stationing USAR Organization

USAR Form 123-R Validation of Cellular Telephone Calls

USAR Form 125-R Army Reserve Certificate to Operate

USAR Form 126 Information Technology Unit Action Support Form

USAR Form 130-R Reenlistment Eligibility Worksheet

USAR Form 131-R Readiness Profile Sheet

USAR Form 133-R AR C4-IT Acquisition Request

USAR Form 135-R Army Reserve Warrant Officer Checklist

USAR Form 136-R Army Reserve Warrant Officer Flight Checklist

USAR Form 139-R AR C4 -IT Investment Assessment Score Sheet

USAR Form 140-R Reclassification Validation Sheet for School Graduates

USAR Form 143-R Executive Correspondence Non-Disclosure Policy Acknowledgement Statement

USAR Form 145-R Training Course Critique

USAR Form 146-R Requirement Control Symbol (RCS) Register - Log

USAR Form 147 Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) Access Request Form

USAR Form 148-R Notice of Rating Chain Assignment or Change

USAR Form 150-R (TEST) Request for Operations Security (OPSEC) Review and Clearance for Public Release

USAR Form 153-R Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Issue Submission Form

USAR Form 154-R Combat - Contingency Operations Historical Report

USAR Form 154-1-R Historical Artifact Identification

USAR Form 155-R Combat - Contingency Operations Historical Autobiographical Sketch

USAR Form 155-1-R Historical Autobiographical Mission Description

USAR Form 156-R Regional Support Command Historian Support Report

USAR Form 159-R Army Reserve Health Counseling and Insurance Verification Form

USAR Form 160-R Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Breach Report

USAR Form 163 USAR ECS Equipment Loan Request

USAR Form 164 Request to Position/Withdraw Equipment from an ECS

USAR Form 168 USAR Stationing Funding Worksheet

USAR Form 503-R Army Reserve Aircraft Programming and Utilization Flying Hour Report

USAR Form 1000-R Consolidated Semi-Annual Postage Expenditure Report


USAR Poster 10-R The Privacy Act in Daily Operations

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