Provide Lean Six Sigma (LSS) concepts and analytics to improve processes, reduce time and cost, improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency to meet mission requirements. Through consultation and project management, we assist USAR Commanders, Leaders, and Staff with continuous process improvements by leveraging better business practices (both government and private sector) to support readiness and deployment ability of Units and Soldiers.

                                                             Department of the Army Lean Six Sigma



Core Functions

Our core functions include project portfolio management, oversight of CPI LSS execution (strategy, policy, and certification), end-to-end process redesign and analysis, and project management. We conduct organizational assessments, LSS training and classroom management, and professional development (Mobile Training Teams and Just-In-Time mentorship). CPIO has a Memorandum of Agreement with Forces Command (FORSCOM) to serve as the LSS Certification Authority for Additional Skills Identifiers (ASI) 1X and 1Y. We sync with HQDA Office of Business Transformation CPI Program Management for governance, ASI 1Z, and LSS Excellence Awards.

Hot Topics (What’s trending …)

Current Projects

  • USAR, 94th TD, 3rd BDE – Improve Instructor ADOS Packet Processing Time, LD29713
  • USARC, G-1 Reduce Reclassification and Branch Transfer Process, LD29710
  • USAR, NCOA, Reduce NCO Sponsorship, LD29614
  • USARC, 8th MED BDE, Improve the Financial Liability Investigation Property Loss Process Accuracy, NG12164
  • USAR, National Security Innovation Network Onboarding Process, NG12183
  • USAR, 63d RD, Miscellaneous Payment Audit Process, NG12163
  • IMCOM, MILCON Warranty Process, LD29683
  • USARC, G-6 Streamline VIP-In Processing, NG12165

Recently Completed Projects

  • IMCOM, Tele-communicator Certification (Emergency Services) LD29676
  • MEDCOM, Tripler, Improve the Rate of Performance Improvement Nursing Projects without  Required Approval
  • USARC, G-1 Casualty Affairs Branch Letter of Condolence Process A3
  • USARC, 5th MED BDE, Reduce the Processing Time for Request for Orders
  • USARC, 5 MED BDE, Improve Provider Credential File Readiness
  • USAR USARC Reduce Process Lead Time for ASAP Enlisted Drug Discharge Packets, LD28831
  • USAR, 200th MPC, Reducing USAR-CIRT Incident Process Time, LD29646
  • USARC, G-4, Reduce Delinquent Turn-in Equipment of OCIE, LD29482

**For more information on current projects….please update the following link: (optimal accessibility in Google Chrome, Request access through the CPIO team)**


Professional Development opportunities are now available to grow as a process improvement change agent or practitioner over time. Contact Dr. Madeline Bodoh for information LSS team member support assignments, mentorships, and advanced facilitation.

White Belt

  • One-day (6 hours) workshop (No training pre-requisite)
  • Provides an introduction to the LSS program, methodology, tools, and provides a hands-on learning experience.
  • Open to military, civilian, and contract personnel

Lean Leader

  • One week in length (No training pre-requisite)
  • Provides practical waste reducing and process optimizing tools to immediately improve day-to-day operations

Green Belt

  • Two weeks in length (no training pre-requisite)
  • One week a month for two months
  • Provides students with an in-depth understanding of Lean tools and problem-solving techniques
  • Soldiers earn an ASI after completing training and assigned DMAIC project

Black Belt

  • Two weeks in length (GB training pre-requisite)
  • One week a month for two months
  • Builds on the student’s knowledge of Lean tools and includes statistical tools to further improve the quality (Six Sigma) of business operations
  • Soldiers earn an ASI after completing training and assigned DMAIC project

Master Black Belt
Additional information can be found here - CAC Enabled


Looking for an innovative way to solve complex Army problems! Through a Problem Curation Process problems are generated from throughout the organization, with a focus from customers and operators. Ideas are curated ––meaning they are analyzed and refined for focus, understandability, relevance and action.

Our partners at the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), is a program office within the U.S. Department of Defense that seeks to build networks of innovators that generate new solutions to national security problems. Call us today to learn how your organization can work with NSIN. NSIN is dedicated to bringing together defense, academic and entrepreneurial innovators to solve national security problems in new ways.