Maj. Satomi Mack-Martin, public affairs officer with the 3d Medical Command Deployment Support, describes her journey after serving 23 years in the Army Reserve. "My civilian and military career have really benefited one another," states Maj. Mack-Martin. After attending film school at USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, Calif., she transitioned her Army Reserve career to working within public affairs. "For me, with being in public affairs," she stated, "I've been able to bring a sense of storytelling to the products I've created here." Mack-Martin previously deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, as a finance officer where she oversaw a $2.1 billion dollar budget. "As a young soldier in Iraq, I used my platform to tell stories," she shares. Mack-Martin states she hosted events in Saddam Hussein's palace theater to help soldiers forget where they were, and to transition their thoughts onto something positive. Maj. Mack-Martin was previously enlisted as a combat medic before she commissioned as an officer from Winston-Salem State University and Wake Forest University ROTC program. She was also a company commander of an Army Reserve drill sergeant unit for Bravo company, 2/413th Regiment, 2nd Bridge, 95th Division in Los Alamitos, Calif. "I'm grateful for this career. I'm grateful for wearing this uniform, and the boots," says Maj. Mack-Martin. "I am and forever will be, a soldier for life."
SPC Sarah Cloutier 456th Med Co. Practicing gaining IV access and obtaining vital signs. Video captured by MAJ Jeffrey Gruidl
Brig. Gen. Beth Salisbury Discusses Her Army Reserve Experience - Video Courtesy Sgt. Jose Torres, 205th Theater Public Affairs Support Element
Soldiers earn Expert Field Medical Badge in second event by Army Reserve
A group of medical Soldiers lift a training aid over a wall as part of a medical skills evaluation during the Expert Field Medical Badge competition at Fort McCoy, Wis., May 11th, 2022. To qualify for the Expert Field Medical Badge, Soldiers must display a high level of competence in numerous medical tasks and skills.
May 20, 2022 - In only the second Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) competition held by the U.S. Army Reserve, Soldiers from both active duty and Reserve units participated in the grueling two-week event from May 1-13, 2022 at Fort McCoy,...

936th FRST awarded for actions in Afghanistan
Lt. Gen. Jody Daniels, chief of Army Reserve and commanding general, U.S. Army Reserve Command, and 1st Lt. Kimberly Calhoun, 936th Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team, pose for a photo following a ceremony in Paducah, Ky., on April 9, 2022. Daniels awarded Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to the 936th FRST for actions during combat in Kabul, Afghanistan. (U.S. Army Reserve photo by Staff Sgt. David Graves)
April 28, 2022 - Maj. Katherine Sego, an emergency room nurse with the 936th Forward Resuscitative Surgical Team (FRST), bowed her head as the words of the invocation fill the room. Her unit, surrounded by family, friends and distinguished...

Kenya Native Becomes U.S. Army Reserve Medic
Specialist Joshua Omwenga, a combat medic with 444th Minimal Care Detachment, participates in Exercise Justified Accord, Isiolo, Kenya. Exercise Justified Accord takes place from Feb. 28 through Mar. 17 in Kenya. Over 800 personnel will participate in the exercise which focuses on enabling readiness for the US and multinational partners.
March 15, 2022 - Spc. Joshua Omwenga, a combat medic with 444th Minimal Care Det., was born in Western Kenya. Omwenga was working as a school teacher when he was notified that he would receive a green card to the United States from a local...

USAR medics assist front-line and aid station during Allied Spirit '22
Sgt. Brandon Rupe, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Squad Leader from 444th Medical Company Ground Ambulance Unit, secures a building in MOUT site Ubensdorf Jan. 30, during Allied Spirit '22 at Hohenfels Training Area, Germany. Approximately 5,200 soldiers from 15 nations including Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States are participating in the exercising from Jan. 21 to Feb. 5, 2022. (U.S. Army photo by Karen Sampson)
Feb. 4, 2022 - U.S. Army Reserve combat medics assigned to 444th Medical Company, Ground Ambulance Unit from Beaver, West Virginia, integrate with 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment OPFOR (Opposing Forces), for real-world missions during...

Why I serve: ‘I want to give every moment'
Capt. Dawn D. Sellers, a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with 3rd Medical Command’s Gaining Resilience in Theater, or GRIT, Clinic at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, became a psychiatric nurse to better understand her son’s post traumatic stress, and she joined the Army to help interrupt the process in the lives of Soldiers who are deployed. “[Being here] is an opportunity to make sure that young men and women who make the sacrifice to serve their country will have the opportunity to have a quality life when they’re done with that,” Sellers said.
Dec. 29, 2021 - Capt. Dawn D. Sellers knows she can’t save the world, but prays she can at least reach a couple of Soldiers during her time here.The psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner has been deployed here since May working at the...
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