Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose: U.S. Army Reserve 115th Birthday


n April 23rd, the Army Reserve will celebrate 115 years of exemplary service to our nation and to the world. Our “Citizen Soldiers” have served with distinction and dedication and have never failed to answer the Nation’s call.  

For generations, Citizen Soldiers have leveraged professional skills, while serving in uniform, with education and expertise acquired in the private sector. In cities and towns across America, the U.S. Army Reserve has always been comprised of men and women with great passions, talents, and abilities. Those abilities are manifested as leadership, bravery, and a strong sense of purpose. 

Through the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terror, the Army Reserve has been there. During countless crises, operations, emergencies, and natural disasters, the service of these patriots made a decisive impact on the history of our country and the cause of freedom and democracy.  

Since the activation of the Medical Reserve 115 years ago, the United States has mobilized more than one million Army Reserve Soldiers in defense of the Nation. On any given day, more than 20,000 Citizen Soldiers are assigned across the Department of Defense or mobilized in support of Combatant Commands around the globe. Thousands more participate in overseas deployment training or annual joint exercises that strengthen our alliances and partnerships around the world. 

As we navigate an unpredictable future, today’s Army Reserve is more consequential than ever. Harnessing the civilian expertise of the private sector in areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber, and supply is vital in providing the Army and the Nation an asymmetric advantage against potential adversaries.  

These Soldiers begin their next 115 years of service as one of the most battle-tested and experienced forces in our nation’s history — “Ready Now,” and “Shaping Tomorrow!” 

Thank you or all you do, and Happy 115th Birthday, Army Reserve! 


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