First Lt. Jamie Ray Abad of the 9th Mission Support Command, U.S. Army Reserve, talks about his Asian and Pacific Islander heritage and his family's legacy of service in the U.S. military. In the month of May, we celebrate the rich history and traditions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and recognize their profound impact on the readiness and future of America's Army Reserve.
Lt. Col. Charles Djou of the 9th Mission Support Command, U.S. Army Reserve, talks about what makes American Samoa a unique and significant place to serve. In the month of May, we celebrate the rich history and traditions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and recognize their profound impact on the readiness and future of America's Army Reserve.
The 9th Mission Support Command (MSC) is the most ethnically diverse, geographically dispersed command in the U.S. Army Reserve, crossing seven times zones, two U.S. states, two U.S. Territories, a Commonwealth and two foreign countries.
The 9th Mission Support Command, headquartered at Fort Shafter Flats, Hawaii, serves as our America’s Army Reserve Force between our US shores, and all potential threats within the Pacific Area of Operations.
Task Force Oceania Supports Operation Christmas Drop 2020 in the Republic of Palau
Families on the island of Kayangel, Palau, welcome U.S. service members as they conduct a low-cost low-altitude air-drop in support of Operation Christmas Drop 2020, Dec 7. The capabilities employed during OCD are unique due to the inclusion of Coastal Humanitarian Air Drop (CHAD), which incorporates the low-cost and low-altitude (LCLA) capability to the types of environments we see throughout the Pacific. CHAD and LCLA represent a unique Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief or wartime capability that enables crews to respond rapidly anywhere in the area of responsibility. Every effort is being made to keep all participants and recipients involved safe and healthy so we can continue to carry out this amazing tradition of humanitarian assistance.
Jan. 21, 2021 - The 9th Mission Support Command’s Task Force Oceania Team Palau helped the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Embassy at Koror carry out Operation Christmas Drop 2020. The success of OCD 20 was the result of months of planning and...

Employing innovation to teach innovative leadership: First virtual Regional Leader Development Program teaches forward thinking
Senior leaders from across the Army including USARPAC Commanding General, Gen. Paul LaCamera, conduct a virtual Officer Professional Development session with students of the neer-peer seminar during the latest iteration of the Regional Leader Development Program, Sep. 1 - Dec. 2, 2020. Pictured from top left to bottom right are: Command Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Frank Grippe, U.S. CENTCOM CSM (top left); Maj. Gen. (Ret.) K.K. Chinn, U.S. SOUTHCOM Commanding General (top center); Capt. Andrew Lee, 8th Theater Support Command (top right); Ms. Nicollete Palmer of U.S. Army Alaska (middle left); Lt. Col. Collins Cockrell, 9th Mission Support Command (middle center); Gen. Paul LaCamera, USARPAC Commander (middle right); Dr. Mathew Levinger, Director, George Washington University, National Security Studies Program (lower left); Lt. Col. Daniel Rempfer, RLDP Chief (lower center); and Capt. Francis Rivera, 311th SC (T) (lower right).
Jan. 21, 2021 - Six officers of Pacific Team Signal-Cyber recently completed the first-ever virtual iteration of the Regional Leader Development Program, a 12-week course that began in early September and culminated with a four-hour...

Army Reserve Soldier plays pivotal role in finding missing child
Sgt. Cody Robinett, Senior Movement Non-Commissioned Officer assigned to the 3303rd Mobilization Support Battalion, 3rd Mobilization Support Group, 9th Mission Support Command, finds a missing child on the rooftop of her home in Guam Dec. 28th, 2020.
Jan. 13, 2021 - After more than a five-hour long search, an extreme sense of relief and excitement overcame Sgt. Cody Robinett after finding a missing child on the rooftop of her home in Guam...

FAQs: COVID-19 Vaccine
Jan. 12, 2021 - Here, Soldiers may find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the vaccine...

FAQs: COVID-19 impact to the U.S. Army Reserve
Dec. 22, 2020 - These questions have been submitted by Soldiers to various U.S. Army Reserve social media websites. Here, Soldiers may find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions...

Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers Partner in the Pacific
Sergeant Alavoni Tukunga, cultural liaison non-commissioned officer and Maj. Patrick Arizmendi, civil affairs team officer-in-charge, part of Task Force Oceania, a multi-component unit subordinate to the 9th Mission Support Command, follow strict COVID-19 mitigation measures at Fort Shafter Flats, Hawaii, Oct 30. The two-man teams that will deploy to Pacific island countries throughout Oceania were hand-picked for their talents. The Soldiers chosen are either Army Reserve or National Guard and have a skillset that makes them specifically suited to work with the civilian population within the region. They were either born, raised, speak the native language, or have expertise in a specific civilian occupation that is beneficial to the countries they will be deployed to.
Dec. 16, 2020 - The U.S. Army 322 Civil Affairs Brigade, part of the 9th Mission Support Command (MSC), is currently partnering with three Soldiers from the Army National Guard to conduct civil-military operations in the Oceania region of...

Superheroes Are Made in a Pandemic How Soldiers of 9th MSC Reinvent Themselves Building Combat Platforms
Darci Watanabe installs Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) into new vehicles at Vincente T. Dydasco U.S. Army Reserve Center in Barrigada, Guam.
Dec. 9, 2020 - “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius...

Task Force Oceania Supports U.S. Embassy in Timor-Leste
Task Force Oceania’s Maj. Ruby Gee, liaison coordination assessment team officer-in-charge meets with Madre Angelita, orphanage coordinator to assess deficiencies and help distribute nutritional items and sanitization supplies to Dom Bosco Orphanage in Laga, Baucau Municipality, Oct. 17. Task Force Oceania teams are made up of military personnel with the expertise that is needed in the local environment where they work. The task force consists of a headquarters and several 2-Soldier teams comprised of Soldiers from all components, Active Duty, Army Reserve and National Guard. These civil affairs teams have deployed to various Pacific island countries to provide support throughout Oceania with a primary mission of assisting the State Department in the planning and execution of both military and civilian cooperative engagements throughout the region.
Nov. 24, 2020 - Major Ruby Gee, the liaison coordination assessment team officer-in-charge, and a civil affairs officer, along with Cpl. Lydia McKinney, the team’s cultural liaison non-commissioned officer, are assigned to Timor-Leste...

On display: Army Reserve Soldier forever enshrined at National Army Museum
A display at the National Museum of the U.S. Army on Fort Belvoir, Va., titled
Nov. 13, 2020 - Lt. Col. Ashley Hartwell let out a joyous gasp as she marveled at a unique display in the National Museum of the United States Army for the first time.A bright smile beamed across her face as she turned to share her...

A New Army Task Force in Oceania
Maj. Pablo Valerin, Office of Defense Cooperation Liaison, Brig. Gen. Falur Rate Laek, Falintil-Forças de Defesa de Timor Leste Vice Chief of Staff, Col. Callisto Santos Coliati, Falintil-Forças de Defesa de Timor Leste Chief of Staff, Maj. Ruby Gee, Team Timor Leste officer-in-charge, and Cpl. Lydia McKinney, Team Timor Leste Cultural Liaison Non-commissioned Officer participate in the 45th anniversary tour of Falantil in Eastern Timor Leste, Aug 16. Task Force Oceania helps coordinate linked engagements and exercises with allies and partners, improving the quality of those exchanges, building capacity, and achieving interoperability.
Oct. 27, 2020 - Task Force Oceania (TF Oceania) consists of Soldiers from all components of the U.S. Army; active-duty, Army Reserve and National Guard, with the purpose of engaging and cultivating meaningful and lasting relationships in...
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