1. IMA IP/BCP Payments have begun for FY22 with retroactive payments being reconciled back to 1 Jan 20. Future IMA IP/BCP payments will process on the 15th and 30th of the month.

2. FY22 SRIP Change 2 is now available (milsuite- CAC enabled)


To provide policy and program tools in support of the USAR End strength objective, to maximize talent management in the Army Reserve, and to give guidance for the USAR Army Medical Department's Incentives Program. The USAR employs incentives to attract and retain professionals and healthcare professionals who possess or qualify for training in critical skills required to maintain wartime readiness. 

  • Create and distribute the Selected Reserve Incentive Program List
  • Manage interpretation of the USAR HPS&I Pay Plan
  • Create and distribute the AMEDD Selected Reserve Incentive Program List
  • Resolve incentive issues including Exception to Policy Requests for payment of bonuses, Congressional inquires and Army Review Board Agency
  • Act as a liaison between congressional staffers, Major Medical Commands, and Army Reserve Soldiers
  • Operate and manage the Reserve Incentive Management Subsystem (RIMS) for incentive processing 
Exception to Policy

There are currently three (3) ETP action types in ePAT. Use action T-36-A-3 (The correct checklists are located below). We are working with the ePAT team to get this issue corrected. 

  • All actions must be submitted through RCMS Electronic Personnel Actions Tracker (ePAT) using action type: T-36-A-3, or they will not be processed with the exception of deployed and OCONUS based units without ARnet access.
  • the UIC for the ePAT Action Location is "47AAA." Make sure you route it to the G-1.
  • USARC G-1 is the approval and disapproval authority for all ETPs. Once an ETP has been requested by a Soldier, only USARC G-1 can close the action. 
  • If a Soldier is separated from the USAR for any reason and they have an open ETP packet, send the packet directly to USARC G-1 in ePAT. Separation does not stop the USARC G-1 from paying a bonus (or portion of the bonus) that is due to a Soldier. 
  • Reenlistment Bonuses are paid via a spreadsheet sent to finance by ARCD. If your Soldiers have not received their reenlistment bonuses, contact your local retention office for assistance. if the reenlistment bonus still does not get paid, email the supporting documentation to usarmy.usarc.usarc-hq.mbx.incentives@army.mil  (this is a known issues with CORRECTED CONTRACTS).
  • The Incentives Brach only handles ETPs for bonuses. For SLRP ETPs, please use ePAT action type T-24-A-3.

Visit https://xtranet/usarc/g1/MANDiv/BIB/Pages/selected-reserve-incentive-program.aspx or selected-reserve-incentive-program-AMEDD.aspx  for additional information about USAR and USAR AMEDD Incentives. (ARnet and CAC enabled website - best in microsoft edge)

ETP Documents

Selected Reserve Incentive Program
‚ÄčRCMS G1 Self-Service
Team Mailbox: usarmy.usarc.usarc-hq.mbx.incentives@army.mil



The Self Service Portal is now accessible from a civilian network.  Soldiers will need a CAC Reader to access the site.

  • If you cannot access the Self-Service site AND you are deployed in a Combat Zone, email the team mailbox above for further instructions. Be sure to state in your email that you are DEPLOYED!
  • In preparation for the Reserve Incentives Management Subsystem (RIMS), multiple incentives actions are being updated in the PAG/ePAT systems. Until notified otherwise, continue to follow USAR G-8 processing guidance already in place in regards to manual payment processing.
  • RIMS will continue to develop functionalities that will allow a permanent solution to the IMA IDT IP/BCP automated payments. Though progress has been made, we are unable to project a completion date for full implementation of the automated payment process. We will continue to provide you with updates until an effective process is implemented. Thank you for your patience, we apologize for inconvenience. 
  • Do not use ePAT actions T-36-A-2 or T-36-A-4 to request payment of bonuses! Visit https://xtranet/usarc/g8/pay/References/Forms/Refs.aspx (microsoft edge) for more information on how to pay a bonus. 
  • Reference the USAR HPO Request Incentives in Self-Service for instructions on how to request incentives. 
  • If you have a Reenlistment Bonus (Selected Retention Bonus) that has past its effective date by at least 90 days and has not been paid, email the contract to USARMY Reserve ARCG Mailbox HQ OPS RIP at usarmy.usarc.arcg.mbx.hq-ops-rip@army.mil for assistance.


Officer Retention Bonus Processing Documents

The Officer Retention Bonus has been reinstated effective 2 March 2020.  Visit selfservice.rcms.usar.army.mil to submit your request.
Emailed requests will not be accepted.
*See FY22 SRIP pages 38-40 and 60 for Information and Eligibility Criteria.

MOS Conversion Bonus Processing Documents

The MOS Conversion Bonus has been reinstated effective 15 May 2020.  Visit selfservice.rcms.usar.army.mil to submit your request.
Emailed requests will not be accepted.
*See FY22 SRIP pages 27-28 and 57 for Information and Eligibility Criteria

SRIP Updates
Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) Selected Reserve Incentives Program (SRIP) Updates