Vehicle Crew Evaluator Course (VCE)

The course is a 5-day resident course/40 hour block of instruction in a classroom environment. Candidates will be taught the elements of a fire command, crew responses to the fire command, crew duties, evaluation standards, and the AAR process. At the conclusion of the course students will be able to identify the duties, prerequisites, certification, recertification, sustainment, and trainer responsibilities. Successful completion of the course requires passing a written final examination, audio examination, and several successful completion of various practical exercises.

The certification given upon completion of the course is initial training for VCEs. VCEs must certify within three months of evaluating any live-fire exercise (6 months for RC). Certification consists of:

  a. Completion of the 40-hour VCE course.
  b. Passing the final 50 question written examination contained in the VCE course with a minimum score of 70 percent.
  c. Successfully pass the Audio Practical Exam.
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