Dauntless Update: Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training
99th Readiness Division
Dec. 4, 2019 | 2:58
Mrs. Vera A. Jordan, Well-Being Branch Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the 99th Readiness Division conducted annual suicide prevention training for Army Reservists and Department of Defense civilians at the United States Army Reserve Center in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, Nov. 4, 2019. The Army ACE Suicide Intervention (ACE-SI) Program is a three-hour training that provides soldiers with the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to intervene with those at risk for suicide. ACE stands for Ask, Care, and Escort. The purpose of ACE is to help soldiers and junior leaders become more aware of steps they can take to prevent suicides and confident in their ability to do so. ACE encourages soldiers to directly and honestly question any battle buddy who exhibits suicidal behavior. The battle buddy should ask a fellow soldier whether he or she is suicidal, care for the soldier, and escort the soldier to the source of professional help. This training helps soldiers avoid letting their fears of suicide govern their actions to prevent suicides. (U.S. Army Reserve Video by Staff Sgt. Rodney Roldan)

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