(Summer months: 01 June – 30 Sep / Winter months: 01 October – 31 May.)

  a. Military ID & Identification Tags.
  b. Full ACU/OCP with patrol cap, boots, belt. (2 sets)
  c. Complete ACU/OCP Field Jacket, Gortex, black gloves, and fleece cap (seasonal).
  d. The Army Physical Fitness Uniform (complete with socks and running shoes)
  e. Civilian attire, worn off-duty, will be in good taste and appropriate.
  f. Padlock, personal hygiene items (towels, shower shoes, an alarm clock, etc.).
  g. Notepad.
  h. Non-permanent map markers.
  i. Pencil and mechanical pencil.
  j. Erasers.
  k. Linen is provided, but you may bring your own.
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