Report time is between 1300 and 1800 hours on Sunday (Report Date listed in ATTRS) to building 1363 South O Street, Fort McCoy, WI 54656. Uniform will be appropriate Civilian attire. If your flight arrives after this time or have other extenuating circumstances, you must contact the Course Manager.

  The day of In-processing consists of:

    - Documents turn-in to the Admin section (refer to all documents listed below)
    - Billeting assignment.
  All students are required to provide the following documentation upon arrival:

    a. Four copies of orders and/or DD Form 1610.
    b. DA 4187(for walk-on’s and Active Duty). (Download Form)
    c. TR Pre-Execution Checklist (Download Form)
    d. Student Data Card information sheet.
    e. Flight itinerary (if applicable).
    f. Medical profile (if applicable).
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