The Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) is a Human Resources (HR) system that provides integrated personnel, pay and talent management capabilities in a single system for all Army Components. With IPPS-A, personnel have the ability to view, track, and initiate HR transactions that result in the payment of entitlements. The integrated personnel and pay record supports readiness, talent management, and improves records accuracy and auditability. Soldiers have 24/7 access via a website and mobile application.

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HR Professionals, save this link in your browser or on your home screen for direct access to the system This requires CAC log-in

Soldiers – take charge of your career and update your records! In September, the Army will go live with a new human resources system called the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A). You will need to update, validate, and certify your records beforehand to ensure the complete transfer into IPPS-A. Check out Army Reserve CSM Andrew Lombardo's video to learn more about the new system and what needs to be done before it goes into effect.
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Patrick Nelligan, command chief warrant officer , U.S. Army Reserve Command, talks about IPPS-A and what you need to do now in order to be ready for the launch.
Army Reserve, are you tracking the changes to your HR system? The Army Reserve and EVERY Soldier will be using IPPS-A. How can you get ready? PMCS your records and check out our website for familiarization and training with IPPS-A. USAR Data correctness and step by step guide: Training: S1 Net- Facebook- Twitter- Instagram- #IPPSA #USArmy #IPPSAR3 #USArmy #PeopleFirst #modernization #TeamIPPSA #IPPSATraining #TodayILearned #IPPSAR3 #TeamIPPSA #HRTransformation #Soldiers #USArmy #Hooah #BestoftheBest #PeopleFirst #IPPSAR2 #ARNG #USAR #Data #DataCorrectness #HR #ArmyHR #HumanResources #IPPSAPodcast #IPPSAWebinar #IPPSATownhall #IPPSACoffeeTawk
The 335th Signal Command (Theater) is getting "so excited" about the upcoming release of IPPS-A, the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army. Members of our G1 section share some of the ways that IPPS-A will improve Army human resource systems. Take a look! (U.S. Army Reserve video by Staff Sgt. Leron Richards)
The Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A) is an online Human Resources (HR) system that will provide integrated personnel, pay and talent management capabilities in a single system to all Army Components for the first time ever. IPPS-A will improve the lives of Army Reserve Soldiers, and their Families. The Army is committed to developing and deploying a system that is secure, efficient, comprehensive, and meets the unique needs the Army Reserve.

Release 3 is Here!  Finish your training today. Use your R3 IPPS-A Resource guide (CAC-enabled)


Did you know @IPPS-A Release 3 will convert and load data from 9 systems, fully subsume the HR functions of 13 AC and USAR systems, and partially subsume 7 systems? Check out guidance for the @USArmyReserve to prepare for IPPS-A, at


Army set to expand use of new digital HR and talent-management system
IPPS-A made significant progress, delivers Release 3 to 1.1M Soldiers.  IPPS-A remains flexible and outcome-based during the launch and beyond, to ensure units and data users are ready, and the system continues to operate as needed.
Jan. 18, 2023 - The U.S. Army announced that the Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army – the Army’s top human-resources modernization effort – is now available for Soldiers from all three components (active-duty, Army Reserve and Army...

Army Reserve warrant officer pivotal in IPPS-A deployment
U.S. Army Reserve’s Chief Warrant Officer 3 Heather R. Kerns, a 411th Engineer Brigade Human Resources Technician, has dedicated herself since October 2018 to the Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A) implementation that will further refine and combine the programs that keep our nation’s mightiest asset moving forward.
Aug. 19, 2021 - The vast majority of the U.S. Army and its components are familiar with pay and personnel readiness. They govern a Soldier’s rank, roles, responsibilities, compensation and means to support themselves and families. These...

88th RD hosts IPPS-A training course: One record for one Soldier in one system
Sergeant Maj. Angel OrtizGuzman, standing, the human resources sergeant major for the Office of the Chief of Army Reserve, speaks to the attendees of an Integrated Personnel and Pay-Army train the trainer course at Fort Snelling, Minn., July 26, 2021. The course allows for human resources professionals to gain an in-depth knowledge about the new system coming to the Army Reserve this year.
July 30, 2021 - Human resources professionals from across the 88th Readiness Division’s 19-state region gathered here to learn about the new Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army in a train-the-trainer course from July 19 to 30, 2021...

Fort Lee hosts IPPS-A training for personnel, pay professionals
Fitzgerald Ward, a contract instructor-manager with CACI, discusses the Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army with training conference attendees July 13 at the Army Logistics University. Fort Lee hosted IPPS-A training for human resource and other professionals from throughout the Army July 6-16
July 19, 2021 - Human resource and financial management professionals from various installations around the country converged at Fort Lee July 6-16 to learn about the Army’s newest personnel and pay information management system...