"Understand this. As hard as we are pushing to become more capable, more combat-ready, and more lethal, we cannot afford to walk past or speed past the basics of field-craft, soldiering, and standards
and discipline." - LTG Charles D. Luckey


It is a pleasure to present you with the latest edition of Army Reserve at a Glance. This book provides you with a concise overview of the presence, posture and capabilities of our nearly 200,000 Soldier-strong force. On behalf of our Soldiers, their families, the employers of America, and the Department of the Army civilians who support us, I thank you for your interest in — and your sustained commitment to — this team of Warrior Citizens.

For more than a century, America’s Army Reserve has delivered decisive capabilities to the battlefield, fulfilling our integral role as a force-provider for the most lethal land power in the world. Since its founding in 1908, the Army Reserve has fielded a broad array of capabilities — often by leveraging civilian-acquired skills as Citizen Soldiers. We provide combat-ready units and highly-skilled individual Soldiers to America’s Army in order to generate the decisive combat power required to win the nation’s wars.

LTG Luckey commentsThe role of the Army Reserve is more critical than ever in an age characterized by the persistent presence of asymmetric threats of terrorism and radical groups as well as the emerging, dynamic, and highly contentious challenges presented by potential adversaries with the capability, propensity and willingness to contest America’s military power in all domains.

As I reach out across the United States and around the globe, I continue to press America’s leaders and influencers to encourage their communities, cities, campuses, congressional districts — and the employers located therein — to see themselves as full partners in national security; sharing their best talent with us as we support and defend the Constitution of United States. Your support is vital to the nation, and there is no room for slack. It must be nourished and reinvigorated every day.

As we move into the future, your Army Reserve will maintain true to its roots. We will continue to anticipate emerging demographics, moving structure and capability not only to where talent is, but also to where it will be. We will continue to recruit and retain our team where they live and work, remaining flexible, agile and innovative, and staying attuned to, and in step with, the velocity of change in our time. There is no federal force on earth with the scope, connectivity, agility and coherent command and control architecture to consistently leverage the talent that exists within the private and commercial sectors as a core competency. It is who we are, what we do — and what we owe our fellow citizens.

America’s Army Reserve has always met the challenges of the time. In the past year we have covered much ground — we are posturing this team to be able to move fast, engage quickly and win decisively on the battlefields of tomorrow.

With your help, we will continue to provide the ready capabilities the people of the United States expect and deserve. We will remain your go-to team of Warrior Citizens, serving the nation as both Soldiers and engaged citizens around the globe.

Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey,

Chief of Army Reserve
Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve Command

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2019 Posture of the United States Army Reserve, America's Global Response Force
(Presented March 26, 2019 before the House Appropriations Committee - Defense, Washington, D.C.)

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