Army Reserve Family Programs

Volunteers are people who have a sense of commitment to their chosen pursuit. Volunteers in the Army Reserve Family Readiness Programs may be government employees (military and civilian), Family members, Retirees, or anyone who has an active interest. Federal employees may not volunteer for programs in which they are employed.

Volunteers augment the unit and higher headquarters’ services and readiness capability. Volunteers are non-paid staff working at various levels. They have access to unit resources for their official duties in support of the Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG). Volunteers may not hold policy-making positions, supervise paid employees or military personnel, or perform inherently governmental functions such as determining entitlements to benefits, authorizing expenditures of Government funds or deciding rights and responsibilities of any party under Government requirements.

Volunteer FAQs
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a. Family members (spouses, parents, siblings)
b. Significant others
c. Extended Family members
d. Retirees
e. Former military members
f.  Soldiers
g. Employers
h. Friends/neighbors
i.  Local community members
j.  Anyone interested in the welfare of Army Reserve Soldiers



a. Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) Volunteer (Various Positions)

b. Volunteer Instructor

c.  Master Resilience Trainer

d. Command Volunteer Advisor

e.  Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Volunteer



Contact the Regional Volunteer point of contact for the state in which you reside.



Training opportunities for volunteers are listed on the Training Support menu item of this website. You may also contact the Regional Volunteer point of contact for more information regarding training opportunities.


DD Form 2793 - Volunteer Agreement
(If using Google Chrome, please right click to Save Link download 2793 form for digital signature)

DA Form 4713 - Volunteer Daily Time Record

DA Form 4162 - Volunteer Service Record

Sample Volunteer Duty Descriptions