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Sexual Harassment & Assault Response & prevention

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment are incompatible with the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment are affronts to the basic American principles in which we believe and bravely defend. They are contrary and prejudicial to everything we are and hold dear as Soldiers and Civilians who swear to uphold the constitution of this nation. The SHARP Program has been charged with serving as the central location and point of contact for all Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment matters at the local level. The SHARP Program reinforces our commitment to eliminate incidents of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault through awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting and accountability.

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The Army Reserve Careers Group SHARP Team believes in providing our ARCG family with resourceful information to encourage and influence use of available reporting options. Most importantly we advocate for individuals to make their own best decisions based on all available resources.

ARCG Sexual Assault Response Coordinator ARCG Victim Advocate
SFC Jennifer Tudor SFC Terrence Calhoun

Phone Number: 502-626-2923

Phone Number: 502-626-2851 

Government Cell: 425-750-9016

Government Cell: 614-626-2851


ARCG SHARP Team email:

DoD SHARP 24/7 HELPLINE: 877-995-5247

ARCG Victim Advocate Regional Map

* Please understand, depending on the state where you are located, the Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) at a local civilian hospital may limit your reporting options. *

ARCG Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and Victim AdvocatesClick any column header to sort table data.
BattalionStates SupportedPhone NumberEmail
1st BattalionCT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT - Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Germany, Europe, European Union, Italy(910)929-3184

2nd BattalionDE, NJ, PA - Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania910-598-7602

3rd BattalionDC, MD, VA, WV - District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia(240)815-1367

4th BattalionKY, TN, NC, SC - Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina(901)874-7100

5th BattalionFL, PR - Florida, Puerto Rico910-771-8950

6th BattalionGA, AL, MS, LA - Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana  
7th BattalionAK, AP, AS, HI, ID, MP, MT, OR, WA, WY - Alaska, American Forces Pacific, American Samoa, Hawaii, Idaho, Northern Marianas, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming(719)366-7379

8th BattalionND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI - North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin  
9th BattalionAR, KS, MO, IL - Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois  
10th BattalionMI, IN, OH - Michigan, Indiana, Ohio(734)546-0732

11th BattalionCA, NV - California, Nevada(719)317-2598/5306/6428

12th BattalionTX - Texas

13th BattalionAZ, CO, NM, OK, UT - Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah  
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U.S. Army Reserve Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and Victim Advocate (VA) Locator                                                     

Non-Emergency Assistance:

Contact your regional Victim Advocate (VA) or Brigade Headquarters SARC/VA:

SFC Jennifer Tudor C: 425-750-9016

SFC Terence Calhoun C: 614-946-5596

Additional Non-Emergency Resources:

Interactive locator map to find the nearest Veterans Administration (VA)/Vet Center location

SHARP face-to-face training materials