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Shape and sustain the strength of the Army Reserve through aggressive retention and transition programs.


Develop a command of highly motivated professionals that enable the Army Reserve to provide skill-rich operational forces to Combatant Commanders.

THE ARMY RESERVE CAREERS GROUP and its thirteen battalions grow and sustain the strength of the Army Reserve by providing skill-rich operational forces to commanders.


Over 1400 Army Reserve Career Counselors, located throughout the United States and its territories, Europe, and in the current Southwest Asian Theater of Operations with Army Central Command, provide Army Reserve Warriors - both prior service and Individual Ready Reserve transfers - to Army Reserve Units.  They also conduct re-enlistments, present career progression opportunities and manage accession programs.

Twenty-six Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Career Management Officers (CMOs) currently provide comprehensive career management to Troop Program Unit (TPU) Officers in order to facilitate career awareness, education requirements, assignment opportunities and career path progression.

ARMY RESERVE CAREER PROGRESSION AND ACCESSIONS PROGRAMS To facilitate career advancement Army Reserve Career Counselors provide direction and assist Army Reserve Soldiers on becoming Army Reserve Career Counselors (ARCC), Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) recruiters, Warrant Officers (WO) and Officers thought the Officer Direct Commission (ODC) programs and officer re-appointments.

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Combine the best of both worlds: live and work in your community while serving part-time as an Officer in America's Army Reserve!  Open to individuals with or without prior military service and with training in 12 career fields, the Officer Accession program offers you the opportunity for an initial appointment, reappointment, civilian appointment, or reappointment within 12 months of being released from active duty (REFRAD) thru the Officer Direct Commission Program, Officer Reappointment Program, and REFRAD Reappointments.. 
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Career Management Officers (CMOs) manage an assigned TPU population by rank and branch. They provide person-to-person career management. CMOs are responsible for providing career counseling, assisting with assignments, and maximizing the number of educationally qualified TPU Officers. CMOs manage Second Lieutenants through Lieutenant Colonels (O1-O5) and Warrant Officers, One through Four (W1-CW4). The center of gravity focus is “at risk” officers lacking civilian or military education required for promotion. CMOs provide professional development information via Career Management Forums, the CMO Website, and the CMO FaceBook page.

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