Psychological Health Program

A Soldier's support system is part of the Army Reserve family and just as important. If you have questions, concerns, or issues please  contact us. All calls are confidential. 

Behavioral health issues can disrupt family life, relationships, and result in harm to the entire family and you deserve and are entitled to assistance too.

Family hug


  • Family members are eligible for our services. If you are experiencing behavioral health issues we can help you find appropriate treatment options within your community. 


  • Asking for help does not ruin your Soldier's career.  In many cases, it can actually improve or sustain a career. 
  • The first thing we do is find out what is going on and discuss options.
  • Soldiers experiencing behavioral health issues that do not impact their performance, but cause discomfort, can engage in treatment with full confidentiality
  • Soldiers at immediate risk of harm to self/others, or whose issue(s) are severe enough to impact performance or readiness, may need time to focus on healing so that they can return stronger and healthier. This time is provided by given a Soldier a profile.
  • A profile is a tool used to keep Commanders informed about their Soldier’s health and readiness. This ensures the Commanders is in a better position to support their Soldiers