In-processing Information






- In-processing time will be 1000-2300 hours on Wednesday at BLDG 1361

- Uniform will be the APFU.

- All soldiers are required to bring the following documentation for in-processing




Student in-processing sheet (Download Form)


Orders (2 copies) – You MUST possess orders upon arrival or you will NOT be permitted to sign in (72-hour rule does NOT apply to orders). Those who do not receive orders (Active Component or AGR) need to provide their DD 1610 from DTS (not the summary page).


Memorandum of duty position – signed by first O-5 or higher in Chain of Command stating that you are in or will be assigned to a Battle Staff (ASI 2S) position. Bring a copy of memo for in processing. (NOTE: DO NOT bring a copy of your UMR, the memo is a requirement).

a. ASI: 2S Coded Position Verification Memorandum (Download Template)
b. Exception to Policy for personnel not assigned to ASI- 2S position (Download Template)

POV risk assessment (if driving).


Flight itinerary (if flying).


Medical profile (if applicable).

  7. Computer access requirements.
    a. Security Clearance Verification memorandum (Download Template)
    b. DOD Annual information Assurance Training (More Info)

c. Acceptable Use Policy (USAR Form 75-R) (Download Form)

  8. USAR AGR and TPU required documents (be able to provide electronic copy upon arrival; email/link will be provided in either the welcome letter or at in-processing).
    a. USAR AGR (Download Form)
    b. USAR TPU (Download Form)


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