Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course Overview: The BSNCOC is 22 academic days (159 academic hours) branch-immaterial functional course. The course provides technical training that is relevant to missions, duties, and responsibilities of an assigned Battle Staff NCO at the battalion and above echelons. NCO’s attending the course will be assessed on their ability to write, depict graphics, facilitate a brief, and contribute to the Military Decision Making Process. Participants that successfully meet all course requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Training (Department of the Army Form 87), the Additional Skill Identifier of 2S (Battle Staff) and become a fully qualified Battle Staff NCO.

ARMY SERVICE UNIFORM (ASU) OR ARMY GREEN SERVICE UNIFORM (AGSU) IS NOW REQUIRED FOR BSNCOC GRADUATION. Uniforms must be meet AR 670-1 Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia 23 January 2021 and/or Department of the Army Pamphlet 670-1, Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and insignia 26 January 2021.

Prior to arrival, all Service Members must meet minimum requirements stated in AR 25-1 in order to have access to Army networks.

WELCOME LETTER: Please read the entire welcome letter and complete all the attached enclosures within the file. While most requirements will be the same from class to class, please ensure you adhere to the guidance in the welcome packet for the class you will be attending. To see all the enclosures, you must download the .pdf onto your computer and open the file with Adobe. The downloadable file here is for BSNCOC Class 005-24 (download here).

LODGING: All students will reside in the Academy’s barracks at zero cost to the unit or Soldier.

REPORTING TO THE ACADEMY: Report between the hours of 1000-2300 CST. Location for in-processing is Building 1361 South O. Street, Fort McCoy, WI 54656.

Have all required documents readily available.

If you experience travel delays that will prevent arrival by 2300 CST, contact the Staff Duty NCO at (804) 873-5964 immediately.

QUESTIONS: Direct questions and concerns about the course to the Operations NCO. During off duty hours contact the Staff Duty NCO. While travelling to the academy, contact the Staff Duty NCO for all issues, especially travel delays. Failure to report or reporting after in-processing will be coded as a “no-show” in ATRRS.

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