Service Members scheduled to attend resident primary military education and resident functional training will be fully vaccinated or have an approved or submitted (in the system of record) exemption prior to the class start date. Unvaccinated military personnel attending 83rd U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Center courses must provide the following:

  • proof of an approved vaccination exemption or proof that a pending exemption has been submitted in the system of record
  • an Exception To Policy from the Under Secretary of the Army approving travel

Failure to provide these two requirements will result in student dismissal. Soldiers traveling within local commuting distance (less than 50 miles) may travel to the course without an ETP from the Under Secretary of the Army. Unvaccinated individuals will arrive with an Memorandum For Record verified and signed by first O-6 in their chain of command. This MFR will serve as a verification of the Soldiers exemption status (approved or pending), as well as approval to travel from the Under Secretary of the Army.  A template for this memorandum will be attached to the applicable course welcome letter.

Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course Overview: The BSNCOC is 22 academic days (159 academic hours) branch-immaterial functional course. The course provides technical training that is relevant to missions, duties, and responsibilities of an assigned Battle Staff NCO at the battalion and above echelons. NCO’s attending the course will be assessed on their ability to write, depict graphics, facilitate a brief, and contribute to the Military Decision Making Process. Participants that successfully meet all course requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Training (Department of the Army Form 87), the Additional Skill Identifier of 2S (Battle Staff), and become a fully-qualified Battle Staff NCO.

Welcome Letter: The NCO Academy’s Army Training Requirements and Resource System NCO sends out the welcome letter with all applicable course information to all students in ATRRS two weeks prior to the start of each course. If you did not receive a welcome letter and are scheduled to attend the course, email the Academy’s ATRRS operator directly at the following email address to request one:

Lodging: All students will reside in the Academy’s barracks at zero cost to the unit or Soldier.

In-processing: It is your responsibility to notify the Academy staff if you anticipate a delayed report time. Have all required documents readily available. During your in-processing, you will be assigned a room and given access to the buildings.

Questions: If you have any questions about the BSNCOC, please contact the Academy’s Operations NCO at Any issues regarding in-processing day must be brought to the Academy’s attention immediately. All NCO’s who fail to report or report after in-processing will be coded as a “no-show” in ATRRS. 

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