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Category: USACAPOC

Civil affairs team hosts first-ever dental hygiene course in Tsakatalam Village
December 26, 2019

U.S., Japan come together to discuss recruitment
December 16, 2019

Army Reserve lieutenant colonel reflects on being team member for two Army Ten-Miler titles
December 10, 2019

U.S. conducts joint knowledge exchange with partners in Somalia
November 22, 2019

Change of stole ceremony welcomes new USACAPOC(A) chaplain
November 20, 2019

Why I Serve: Spc. Ken Park
November 20, 2019

Reasons for service: "I love the civil affairs mission"
November 20, 2019

414th Civil Affairs Battalion Soldiers conduct Soldier readiness exercises
November 12, 2019

PSYOP Worldwide provides sharing forum for leaders
November 7, 2019

Civil Affairs battalions looking up at a new chain of command
November 1, 2019