Gaithersburg, Maryland


Provide trained and ready legal professionals to the U.S. Army Reserve and to the greater Army anytime, anywhere, for any duration, under any circumstances.

Deliver full-spectrum legal operations through exceptionally qualified professionals rooted in law and the highest level of integrity and candor. We remain adaptive and ready for rapid worldwide deployment to advance the mission and serve the Soldiers of the U.S. Army.

The U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command shoulder patch was approved on Sept. 16, 2009, the same date on which the unit was activated.

It employs a stylized shape that recalls the tri-cornered hat worn by Minutemen in the American Revolution, an image that is used for Army Reserve heraldry in honor of the “citizen Soldiers” who volunteered in our nation’s fight for freedom and who have answered the nation’s call to arm in all subsequent wars, conflicts and operations.

In the center of the patch is a fasces, a bound bundle of wooden rods wrapped around an axe, that served as a symbol of legal authority for centuries and denoting the fact that the command is the first-ever command organization for units of The Judge Advocate General’s Corps in the Army Reserve. The faces’ individual rods represent the command’s individual units that are now bound together into a single organization.

Atop the fasces is a crossed pen and sword, images inspired by the branch insignia of The Judge Advocate General’s Corps. The pen alludes to the scholarly aspect of the practice of law and the concept that the Rule of Law is written down so all citizens can understand it and ensure it is applied consistently to protect their rights, while the sword recalls the military nature of the organization. The white background is a sign of the purity of justice and recalls its power, a concept that is the basis of the unit motto VICTORIA PER JUSTITIAM, Latin for “Victory with Justice.”

The U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command Shoulder unit crest was approved concurrently with the unit’s activation on Sept. 16, 2009. Its centerpiece is the familiar depiction of the blindfolded Lady Justice holding the scales of justice in her left hand and a fasces, the traditional symbol of law and legal authority, in her right.

The insignia is a shield. The image and its location in the insignia denote that the central, overarching purpose of the Command is the pursuit of justice, with the blindfold signifying that the race, creed, color, gender, or class of the persons seeking justice do not alter the methods or objective of that pursuit. Scales represent the weighing of evidence and the balancing of interests. VICTORIA PER JUSTITIAM, the unit motto, is Latin for “Victory with Justice.”