Under the command and control of the Army Reserve Command and as directed by the JAG: 

Command, control and support assigned Army Reserve forces, ensuring ready legal forces able to support national strategy during peacetime, contingencies and war. 

Organize, train prepare and equip assigned and attached Army Reserve units and individuals for mobilization and reset forces returning from deployment to generate and maintain legal forces able to seamlessly integrate with all components.

Conduct legal services operations.

We exercise mission command and control of trained and ready legal forces which provide multi-functional legal support to commanders, Soldiers, and family members in support of military operations.

The United States Army Reserve Legal Command (USARLC) was established in October 2009.  The Command occupies the MG Benjamin L. Hunton Memorial USAR Center located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, which is within the National Capital Region.  MG Hunton is notable for being the first African-American to become a general officer in the United States Army Reserve. 

The USARLC is a one-star command of over 1,700 Soldiers that controls the operations of 28 Legal Operations Detachments (LODs). 

We have three Trial Defense Service (TDS)

  • one is judicial (Military Judge), 
  • one is Individual Augmentee (IA) 
  • and 23 are general multi-functional legal units.  

Each LOD is commanded by a Colonel (06), although in manpower it is the functional equivalent to a company-sized organization.