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The 80th Training Command (TASS) develops, educates, and trains Soldiers, Civilians, and Leaders by resourcing and conducting specified Military Occupational Specialty reclassification, Non-Commissioned Officer Education System, Officer Education System and functional training in direct support of stated United States Army Reserve Command and Training and Doctrine Command missions and objectives.

What We Do:

We are made up of more than 6,000 Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to 13 brigade units aligned under three major subordinate one-star divisions with units located nationwide -- from Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico and from the Carolinas and Georgia to California.  We also have an operational control training relationship with a unit in Hawaii and a support relationship with a unit in Germany.

We train Army Soldiers in 12 Career Military Fields (CMF) for combat support and combat service support.  The three major one-star divisions under the umbrella of the 80th Training Command are the 94th, 100th, and 102nd.  The 94th Training Division (Force Sustainment) headquarters is located at Fort Lee, Va.  The 100th Training Division (Leader Development) has its headquarters in Fort Knox, Ky. The 102nd Training Division (Maneuver Support) headquarters is at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Our annual economic impact is about $40 to $60 million. In addition to the salaries of full-time civilian and military personnel, this figure also includes pay to Army Reserve Soldiers, money spent locally for the purchase of supplies, services, maintenance support, equipment, facility construction and renovation, and the G.I. Bill college tuition payments to Army Reserve Soldiers attending school.

The 80th also teaches nine Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI), 16 certifications, 25 Senior Leadership Courses (SLC), and 53 Advanced Leadership Courses (ALC). 

Together, the Command teaches 166 individual courses.

The CMFs cover a wide range of instruction, from Engineering to Health Services, and from Quartermaster to Civil Affairs/Psychological Operations.

The Command also provides specified instructor personnel from its school brigades, as directed, to any U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) installation to support MOS-specific training requirements.



Nearly a century before its transformation to the 80th TC (TASS) on October 1, 2008, it was originally constituted as Headquarters, 80th Infantry Division in the National Army, August 5, 1917.

Made up primarily of draftees from Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the new division was nicknamed the “Blue Ridge Division.” The unit shoulder patch reflects this tradition with three mountain peaks representing these three states.

On July 4, 1944, the 80th ID boarded the RMS Queen Mary and a few days later landed in Scotland. 

The division crossed the English Channel to France and landed on Utah Beach on August 2, 1944. Awards received during World War II include four Congressional Medals of Honor, 22 Distinguished Service Crosses, 671 Silver Stars, and 3,337 Bronze Stars.

Nearly 50 years later, the 80th mobilized two units for Desert Storm. In 1990, the 424th Truck Company deployed to Kuwait and Iraq, and the 3-318th Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) was mobilized at Fort Eustis to train Individual Ready Reserve Soldiers for onward movement. In 2005, the 80th mobilized and deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Soldiers of the 80th Division earned more than 1,144 medals and citations including 31 Purple Hearts, 469 Bronze Stars, 84 Combat Infantry Badges, and 187 Combat Action Badges.


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Under the 12 CMFs, 63 Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) are taught at eight TASS Training Centers (TTC), four Regional Training Sites for Maintenance, and two High-Tech Training Centers nationwide. 

These sites are located at the following installations:

The Army School System Training Center
•  Camp Parks, Calif.
•  Fort Devens, Mass.
•  Fort Dix, N.J.
•  Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif.
•  Fort Knox, Ky.
•  Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
•  Fort Pickett, Va.
•  Grand Prairie, Texas

Regional Training Sites-Maintenance
•  Fort Devens, Mass.
•  Fort Hood, Texas
•  Fort McCoy, Wis.
•  Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa.

High-Tech Training Centers
•  Sacramento, Calif.
•  Tobyhanna Depot, Pa.