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The senior law enforcement organization  in the  U.S. Army Reserve. Subordinate elements of the  command are primarily military police units, but  also include criminal investigation detachments,  chaplain and military history detachments. Units  are dispersed across 34 states within the  continental U.S. with major subordinate commands  in California, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, and Indiana.


Provide Mission command of 2-6 Police Brigades and attached units; provides trained, equipped, and ready Soldiers, leaders, and cohesive units in support of the Combatant Commanders across the full spectrum of military operations. On order deploy as the Theater Enabling Commander for Military Police Operations for Combatant or JTF Commander: provide mission command for all MP assets; synchronize all military police operational planning and support; designated as the Theater Provost Marshal and Commander, Detainee Operations.


A command of technically and tactically competent Soldiers and leaders; adaptable, agile, flexible, and innovative in executing the full range of Military Police operations, supporting Joint, Inter-agency, Inter-Governmental and Multinational operations globally; the Force of Choice and most demanded enabler for land force commanders.



The 200th Military Police Command is one of only two Military Police Commands in the Army. As the senior law enforcement unit of the Army Reserve, the 200th MPC has oversight of four brigades, 22 battalions, and 53 companies dispersed across the continental U.S.

The subordinate elements of the 200th MPC are primarily MP units, but it also includes three criminal investigative division battalions. It is the largest military police command/organization across the entire DoD and the fourth largest police organization in the United States.

The 200th MPC is responsible for leading, training, commanding, and deploying nearly 14,000 Soldiers, and providing mission command for more than 97 percent of the Army Reserve’s MP assets.

The 200th MPC is designated as the theater provost marshal and commander of detainee operations. Soldiers of the 200th MPC conduct military law enforcement, route security, customs operations, detainee operations, internment and resettlement operations, criminal investigations, and provide protective services to the joint force.

Constituted March 6, 2006, from the former 220th MP Brigade as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, it was then re-designated as a command, April 16, 2008, at Fort Meade, Maryland.
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