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200th MP Command Family Programs

200th MP Command Family Programs Mission:
The 200th MP Command Family Programs will partner with command teams to empower soldiers, family members and civilians.  They will facilitate readiness and resilience while providing relevant and responsive programs and services throughout the geographically dispersed command. 

Family Programs Vision:
Inspire and empower 200th MP Command soldiers and their families to be strong and resilient.

Command Family Program Contacts:
Family Programs Director                        
Phone #: 301-677-1221                            
Family Programs Coordinator
Phone #: 301-677-1210

For More Information visit Army Reserve Families or https://www.usar.army.mil/ARFP/

Private Public Partnership

The Goal:
The goal of the Private Public Partnership is to establish mutually beneficial relationships between the U.S. Army Reserve and private and public sector organizations to create opportunities for soldiers.

How can P3 Help You:
- Provides employment, physical, emotional, and spiritual support
- Enhances both private sector and military careers
- Provides valuable professional and trade credentialing opportunities
- Provides expertise in resume development and interview preparation
- Enhance financial, professional and personal development
- Provides specialized expertise for business and interagency environments

Contact information and website:

Contact directory: Local support network
Email the Main P3 Office: usarmy.usarc.ocar.mbx.p3o-hq-contractor-support@mail.mil
Website: Private Public Partnership

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention


The SHARP Program's mission is to reduce with an aim toward eliminating sexual offenses within the Army through cultural change, prevention, intervention, investigation, accountability, advocacy/response, assessment, and training to sustain the All-Volunteer Force.

200th MP Command Contact:
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
Karen E. Goodwin
Phone #: 301-677-1992
Email: karen.e.goodwin.mil@mail.mil

DOD Safe Helpline (877) 995-5247 / 81st RD SHARP Hotline (205) 482-8735 / 63rd RD SHARP Hotline (855) 797-9612 / 88th RD SHARP Hotline (608) 388-3000 / 99th RD SHARP Hotline (609) 410-7670
Website:  https://www.armyresilience.army.mil/sharp/index.html


Junior Enlisted Promotion Packet and Forms

DA 3355.pdf
Packet Composition and Member Preferences.pdf

The documents above should be completed with first line supervisors and then submitted to human resources for processing. 

The memorandums in the checklist will be added once the packet has been validated at the promotion board.

In/Out Processing



200th MP HHC In-Out Processing Checklist.pdf

Required DA forms can be found in the Army Publishing Directorate or below:


HHC Contact Information:
Unit Administrator
Phone #: 301- 677-1264
Email: usarmy.usarc.200-mp-cmd.list.200-mp-command-hhc@mail.mil



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