March into the Future with Innovation Command

The Army Reserve is currently developing a concept for a new Innovation Command that will leverage talent and resources across the Army Reserve to anticipate, identify and solve technology and innovation gaps to improve Army war-fighting readiness. 

The vision for the Innovation Command is that it will drive operational innovation, concepts and capabilities to enhance the readiness and lethality of the Future Force by harnessing the unique skills, agility and private sector connectivity of America's Army Reserve.  In particular, the Innovation Command will focus on areas that can lead to technology dominance:  Artificial Intelligence, autonomy, medical science, cyber, synthetic biology, space, big data, robotics, VR/gaming and energy.

The Army Reserve has many Soldiers around the world who, in their civilian capacities, work in these areas, including personnel in academia, the intelligence community, research and development, venture capital, start-ups, innovation incubators, intellectual property law and/or science and technology firms.   

The next step in developing the concept for the Innovation Command is understanding the breadth and depth of the talent within the Army Reserve.  Regardless of rank, tenure, age or MOS – if you think you can make a meaningful contribution to this ecosystem – we want to hear from you!


The Army Reserve is ready to begin the process of determining interest among the capable individuals within the ranks.  If you believe you are a good fit, please apply by going to the Civilian, Education, Skills, Experience and Certifications (CESEC) database at

If you do not have a CAC card, please forward the following: 

◾A one to two paragraph narrative summary of your applicable background in PDF format.

◾A military biography in PDF format.

◾A recent civilian resume in PDF format.​ ◾Your Field(s) of Expertise from the following:  Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy/Robotics, Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber/IT, Energy/Materials, Gaming/ARAV, Human Capital, Medical/Synthetic Bio, Operations/Processes, Space, and Venture Capital.

Send these items to the following email address:

To speak with someone about becoming a member of the 75IC, please call 719-317-2023 or 719-317-2159

Thank you in advance for contributing to the readiness and lethality of the Army Reserve for decades to come.