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 What if I'm the victim of Discrimination or Harassment which includes Hazing and Bullying?



• Contact your Command Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) or Equal Opportunity Specialist (EOS) to clarify whether an incident or behavior qualifies as Harassment which includes Hazing, Bullying, or Discrimination based on race, sex(sexual identity or pregnancy), sexual orientation, national origin, and color. To locate your Command EOA/EOS contact the USARC Equal Opportunity Hotline at 1-855-434-0986.

•    Informal Complaint Process. Complainant attempts to resolve on their own using the direct, indirect, or third party approach to include the chain of command. 

•    Formal Complaint Process. Must be filed with your command EOA/EOS at the lowest level appropriate using a DA Form 7279.

  • Anonymous Complaint Process. Complainant's identity is unknown. Complaint can be handled either as an informal or formal complaint based on information given to determine if there is sufficient details provided to process either informally or using the formal process.   



 How to file a Formal Equal Opportunity Complaint?



File a formal written complaint on a DA Form 7279 with any of the following agencies.

• Chain of Command
• Equal Opportunity Advisor or Equal Opportunity Specialist
• Inspector General
• Housing Referral Office
• Judge Advocate General
• Military Police or Criminal Investigator
• Chaplain
• Medical Agency

Complaints must be filed within 60 days of the incident. Complaints made after 60 days may be pursued at the commander’s discretion.



 Formal Complaint Process



Complaints, except those filed with the Inspector General (IG), must be acted upon within five calendar days. The commander can conduct a commander's inquiry or appoint an investigation officer to conduct an AR 15-6 investigation within 30 days (3 MUTA-4(90DAYS) for USAR. 

If due to extenuating circumstances it becomes impossible to conduct a complete investigation within the 30 calendar days (3 MUTA-4 (90 days) for USAR) the commander may obtain an extension in writing from the next higher commander for usually no more than 30 calendar days (3 MUTA-4 (90 days) for USAR. 

Complaints filed with an agency against a member of the Chain of Command will be referred to the next higher commander in the chain.

All formal complaints will be reported within 72 hours to the first General Courts-Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA) in the Chain of Command.

Command SJA will complete the legal review within 14 days of completion of the investigation. The entire complaint process will be completed within 60 days (three MUTA-4 (90 days) for USAR. 



 Appeal Process



If the complainant and/or subject(s) of the complaint perceive the investigation failed to reveal all relevant facts to substantiate the allegations they have have seven calendar days(next MUTA -4 for USAR) to appeal to the next higher commander.