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Blue Devil Chief Paralegal NCO Joined Army Reserve to Help Family, Found a Career
February 28, 2022

Army Reserve Soldiers deployed to Camp Arifjan reflect on Black History Month
March 1, 2021
Army Reserve Chief Warrant Officer Denrick Mills, an air mobility warrant officer deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, with the 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), said his favorite Black History story is the Triple Nickel “smokejumpers.” In 1945, the all-black 555th Airborne Infantry Battalion was ordered to Oregon to fight forest fires started by nature and by incendiary-bearing balloons sent into West Coast forests by the Japanese. “They used this airborne unit to jump in an put the fire out—that’s how the smokejumpers started,” he said.

Black History Month an Opportunity to Highlight Diversity of Talent
February 23, 2021
With traveling the world, interacting with various cultures, gaining operational and strategic planning experiences as a Soldier with 20 years of service, Maj. Satomi Mack-Martin has a plethora of experiences to draw from.

The Journey of a Vision
February 23, 2021

Sergeant Major discovers the formula to success and endurance
February 22, 2021

KFOR Soldier reflects on Black History Month: ‘Black history is American history’
February 8, 2021
KFOR Soldier reflects on Black History Month

In pursuit of excellence: Army Reserve lawyer first Black dean of country’s oldest law school
July 31, 2020

Lt. Col. Tina Holloway Discusses Something Bigger as part of Black History Month
February 13, 2020
LTC Tina Holloway is the 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support) CLINOPS, Division Medical Readiness Coordinator, and she is this week’s 3d MC(DS) Spotlight for Black History Month.

CW5 Hodges Discusses Service and Warrant Officers
February 7, 2020
I joined the Army in 1984 after realizing college wasn’t for me at the time. I was not doing anything promising but wanted to prove that I can succeed in life; the Army gave me that opportunity. And later in life the joy of serving with my wife and sons.

Ms. Jennika Walton 3d MC(DS) Suicide Prevention Program Manager
February 4, 2020
As the military recognizes Black history Month the 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support) is highlighting team members integral to the commands overall mission, success and deployability. Ms. Jennika Walton is the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the 3D MC(DS).