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NEWS | Nov. 2, 2016

379th Chemical Company trains at Army Warfighting Assessment Exercise

By Maj. Michael Garcia 76th U.S. Army Reserve Operational Response Command

FORT BLISS, TEXAS - More than 145 Soldiers of the 379th Chemical Company (CM CO) out of Arlington, Ill. participated in the Army Warfighting Assessment Exercise held at Fort Bliss, Texas, Oct. 17-30, 2016.

The Army Warfighting Assessment is the Chief of Staff of the Army’s capstone event for Force 2025 Maneuvers that provides the Army a venue to achieve “Triple Payoff” objectives, which include Training Readiness, Future Force Development, and Joint/Multinational Interoperability in a resource-constrained environment.

“We’ve been supporting the 47 BSB with chemical support.  We pushed out elements to their fleet, helped support their base defense plan, and helped them run a couple of convoy operations,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Matthew Fisher, 379th CM CO Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Warrant Officer.

“The teamwork at company level and all echelons were critical to success in the logistical arena, said Capt. Gregory Nichols, 379th CM CO commander.
U.S. Army Reserve Command Deputy Commanding General (Operations), Maj. Gen. David Conboy, and 76th Division Operational Response Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Ricky Waddell, were among the 21 distinguished visitors in attendance during the exercise.

The Army Warfighting Assessment is the Army’s first comprehensive Warfighting assessment that offers an experimental environment in which to shape requirements and improve capabilities.

“The end state will result in a ready, Joint Force capable of accomplishing the mission and achieving overmatch of current and future enemies across the range of military operations,” said Maj. Gen. Terrence McKenrick, commanding general of the Brigade Modernization Command.

“I think this is an outstanding mission.  It’s good opportunity for us to integrate with active duty to better educate them on how we would integrate into their forces.  This is also great opportunity for our Soldiers to get some training that they wouldn’t otherwise get,” said Fisher.

The 379th CM CO’s mission is to provide CBRN reconnaissance, surveillance, decontamination, early warning detection/location/identification of biological agents and/or biological warfare in support of unified land operations.