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NEWS | July 21, 2022

Passing the torch: One family’s heritage

By Sgt. 1st Class Osvaldo Sanchez 84th Training Command

Cadet Gabriel Migliore, the youngest son of U.S. Army Reserve Maj. Vincent J. Migliore, the physical security and antiterrorism officer assigned to the 84th Training Command, graduated the Reserve Officer Training Program’s Advanced Camp during a ceremony held at Brooks Parade Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky, July 14, 2022.

ROTC Advanced Camp is a 35-day training event designed to develop a cadet's critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to forge them into tough, adaptable leaders who can thrive in ambiguous and complex environments. Future Army leaders must be capable of operating in complex operational environments throughout the world. Training is complex, challenging, and rigorous and is conducted in a stressful training environment.

Gabriel’s motivation to join the Army began at an early age.

“I just wanted to support this country and serve my country,” said Gabriel. “In the past, I see all these brave Soldiers that built this country up and I want to be a part of that.”

Gabriel was evaluated on his ability to lead at the squad and platoon levels, both in garrison and tactical environments. He was mentally and physically tested during a consequence driven field training exercise that replicates a combat training center rotation. Gabriel successfully completed ROTC Basic Camp last year and now Advanced Camp, a prerequisite for commissioning.

Gabriel follows in his father’s footsteps with the goal to become an Army officer.

“I hope to be a signal officer in information technology or air defense,” Gabriel said. “Learning about the air defense systems and threats around the world.”

Select cadets, like Gabriel, deploy to locations around the world for experiential cultural awareness training. He deployed for an additional 24-days cross-cultural training at U.S. Forces Korea in South Korea. Gabriel’s leadership development training will consist of joint host nation operations designed to strengthen strategic relationships, enhance cultural perspective, and develop key leader competencies.

“My father is the training officer for missions to South Korea so it seemed like a cool thing to go do,” Gabriel said. “So, when it was offered, I jumped on the chance.”

Gabriel’s father, Vincent, also plans to deploy to South Korea around the same time as his son but on a different mission as an exercise planning officer on active-duty operational support orders for Eighth Army.

Gabriel plans to grow his leadership skills in the Army.

“I want to build on my leadership expertise, the discipline and morale that the Army has instilled upon me,” said Gabriel.

The legacy will live on as Gabriel takes on his father’s heritage of serving his country.