Tag: Kentucky

84th Training Command welcomes new commanding general
November 5, 2020

Environmental team performs lead dust sampling at excess Army Reserve Center
October 23, 2020

Fort Knox Cycling Club encourages greater participation in rides
September 29, 2020

General relinquishes command, retires
August 27, 2020

Army HRC welcomes new deputy commanding general
June 3, 2020

Last surviving medic from World War II ‘Band of Brothers’ Battalion honored during funeral service
June 18, 2019

Jumping into new grounds
April 4, 2018

Bridge CSTX expands to gap Reserve readiness
March 27, 2018

80th TC Instructors Prove They're Number 1 in Their Class
October 22, 2017

First Army helps build a more mobile force of ready reserve
July 26, 2017

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