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NEWS | Oct. 22, 2020

MILTECHs play critical role to ensure unit readiness

By Courtesy Story 88th Readiness Division

Here’s an Army acronym you may have heard of, but might not have a great understanding of: MILTECH, or military technician.

In the 88th Readiness Division, MILTECHs play an important role helping to ensure Army Reserve units in the 19-state region are ready for deployment overseas and can achieve important missions. The job of the Army Reserve could not be accomplished without military technicians.

That support comes in a variety of ways by MILTECHs who work as Mechanic Leads and Military Supply Technicians at an Equipment Concentration Site or Area Maintenance Support Activity. MILTECHs also work as Military Personnel and Administrative Assistants at Reserve Personnel Action Centers providing human resources services to Soldiers. There are also positions as Material Handler, Small Arms Repairer, Motor Vehicle Operator and Electronics Repairer, just to name a few.

A military technician may have the best of both worlds. Besides supporting Army Reserve readiness, they also wear the uniform as Army Reserve Soldiers. They earn the pay and benefits in both their civilian and military career fields.

In his military role, Ben Crocker is an IT Specialist with a Fort McCoy unit. Vincent Johnson is a Mechanic also with a unit located here.

“The benefits are great,” Crocker said. “For me, my career gives me stability because my job is considered essential and I know I won’t be laid off. Plus you get paid for attending career development courses.”

“For me, the entry-level pay, benefits and retirement are unbelievable,” Johnson said.

The 88th RD public affairs office just launched a promotional video on MILTECHs. Because of the critical role of MILTECHs and the number of vacancies across the 88th Readiness Division region, individuals can get a $15,000 bonus and relocation expenses for joining, depending on the career field. The video will publicized on social media and by U.S. Army Recruiting Command.

“If you’re already an Army Reserve Soldier, you can learn about current vacancies in your area at the USA Jobs website,” Crocker said. “If you’re getting ready to graduate from high school or a technical school with the skills the Army Reserve is looking for, you can talk to an Army Reserve recruiter about joining.”

Both Crocker and Johnson were featured in the promotional video. “It’s definitely an honor [to be part of the video] and it’s an awesome opportunity to get the word out on this great program. There are a number of vacancies and we have too much work for the number of people who are employed here. We have plenty of work,” Johnson said.

Likewise, Crocker said, “Having this opportunity is pretty cool. It feels good to help and show people what opportunities are out there.”