NEWS | Oct. 25, 2017

Army Reserve Chicago-based command receives new leadership

By Sgt. Aaron Berogan 85th Support Command

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Kris A. Belanger, Commanding General, 85th Support Command, assumed command of the 85th SPT CMD, October 21, 2017, in an Assumption of Command ceremony at the headquarters.

The assumption of command ceremony is a military tradition representing the transfer of authority and trust to the newest leader. The host for the ceremony Maj. Gen. Scottie D. Carpenter, Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve Command, said he understood the difficult, but important role Belanger has ahead of her.

“This is a very unique command,” said Carpenter. “It’s very integrated with the active component across the board in what they do, in many different layers. Just that structure alone is complicated…but that is how we go to war. That is how we fight, multi-component.”

Belanger’s parents and two daughters were in attendance for the ceremony. They said that they could not be prouder of what she has achieved.

“I see her working so hard,” explained Aubrey Belanger, Belanger’s youngest daughter. “It makes me want to work hard to achieve my goals.”

“It’s really inspiring,” said Alexa Belanger, Belanger’s oldest daughter. “Seeing her come out here, not just here, but anywhere, it’s amazing to see her with so many different people.”

“It’s surreal for me,” explained Joseph Spadavecchia, Belanger’s father. “Kris’ grandfather came here from Italy in 1937, and to see that progression from my father through me to see her graduate from West Point, and then see her become a general. It’s unbelievable.”

“I think with all the education, all the studying, all the hours, and all the sacrifices she made to get to this point, I’m just very proud of her,” explained Lorraine Spadavecchia-Mussili, Belanger’s mother. “It’s just a very emotional day for me.”

Belanger has 27 years of military experience, and came from her last assignment as the assistant chief of staff at the 80th Training Command, Richmond, Virginia. She understands that the role of the 85th Support Command is not only unique, but necessary to generate units and Soldiers that stand ready as the most capable, combat-ready and lethal Federal reserve force.

“Today is extremely important and significant, especially with what we are dealing with globally,” said Belanger. “We have to support getting our forces ready for anything that develops in the world at any time. So taking command of this organization that trains ready and capable Soldiers for deployment, there could be nothing more important right now. I’m honored to be selected to take this organization to the next level.”

Carpenter shared insight on the importance of 85th SPT CMD’s role, and their partnership with First Army in today’s climate.

“You’re setting the standard for all those Soldiers that you train,” said Carpenter. “You are the tip of the spear to make sure that the (Army) components get it… when you hold somebody to the standards that saves lives. That allows them to do their mission and come home back to their families.”