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The 350th Civil Affairs Command was first constituted on 16 October 1999 in the Army Reserve as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 350th Civil Affairs Command, and activated at Pensacola, Florida.

On 16 October 1999, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 361st Civil Affairs Brigade was inactivated and its personnel re-flagged as the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 350th Civil Affairs Command.

The Pensacola headquarters unit one of only 4 Civil Affairs Commands in the United States. 

At that time, the 350th Civil Affairs Command had over 1,100 personnel under its command, mostly Army Reservists whose civilian expertise was needed to support military efforts abroad. 

The 350th Civil Affairs Command was part of the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

Civil affairs Soldiers are the Army's experts working with civilian authorities and setting up civilian governments in the wake of wars and natural disasters. 

The 350th Civil Affairs command was activated to support US Southern Command. The activation ceremony created the fourth civil affairs command in the US Army. 

The newly created command absorbed responsibility for the Caribbean region as a result of the transfer of regional responsibility from US Atlantic Command to US Southern Command. The Command could also deploy forces in support of any of the geographical commanders if required.
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Distinctive Unit Insignia


A silver color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in width consisting of a stylized purple mountain range of three peaks surmounted by a silver rope annulet, overall a medium blue stylized wave inscribed "SEND US" in silver, all surmounted in base by a black sword and a green olive branch chevronwise reversed.


Purple and white are the colors traditionally used by Civil Affairs units. The mountains or land area is divided by the light blue scroll symbolizing the Caribbean and the organization's home area and theater of operations. The rope annulet ties the two areas together symbolizing unity and constancy. The sword and olive branch represent conflict and peacetime operations highlighting the Command's mission.


The distinctive unit insignia was approved 6 October 1999.

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