Tag: 88th Readiness Division

Balancing act: Equipment Concentration Site 42 employee wears multiple hats
March 25, 2022

Colorado RPAC ensures Army Reserve personnel readiness
March 22, 2022

Two 88th RD mechanics recall equipment volume, condition during Operation Desert Fix
March 10, 2022

Walker Army Reserve Center named after Medal of Honor recipient
March 10, 2022

Blue Devil Chief Paralegal NCO Joined Army Reserve to Help Family, Found a Career
February 28, 2022

“A Soldier First” and a “Proud Black American Female”
February 17, 2022

NCO of the Year goes above and beyond
February 11, 2022

Schematics/electrical class taught at Fort McCoy Draw Yard
February 11, 2022

88th RD educator helps develop new Basic Skills Education Program course
February 4, 2022

Fast-forwarding event nudges priest to chaplaincy
January 28, 2022