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NEWS | July 22, 2022

3 Area Maintenance Support Activities place in CSASEA Supply Excellence competition

By Sgt. 1st Class Clinton Wood 88th Readiness Division

Three 88th Readiness Division Area Maintenance Support Activities placed in their respective categories for the Chief of Staff of the Army Supply Excellence Award for Headquarters, U.S. Army Reserve Command. The CSASEA Program Board met June 5-11, 2022.

AMSA-139, Madison, Wis., won in Level 1 (B) User- Tables of Distribution and Allowances and AMSA 48, Bartonville, Ill, won in the Level 1 (A) User-TDA category. AMSA 75, Helena, Mont., earned runner up honors in Level 1 (B) User-TDA category of the CY 22/23 Supply Excellence Awards for the U.S. Army Reserve. AMSA-139 and AMSA-48 will move on to the Department of the Army-level competition against active-duty and National Guard units.

The Department of the Army judges graded competing units on their adherence to the standards set forth by the CSPD in Army Regulation 710-2, which covers units' responsibilities toward issued equipment.

AMSA-139 provides ground support equipment and vehicular maintenance support for 11 different Unit Identification Codes. Derek Loehr, supervisor of the facility, said since the AMSA is near the intersection of Interstates 90 and 94 in Madison, it is one of the main corridors for units located in southern and southeastern Wisconsin and neighboring states travelling to and from Fort McCoy. “This provides us with ample capacity to provide support to other units as they travel through our Area of Operations, said Loehr.

The packet provided to the Department of the Army described the activity’s supply operations and how they affect our mission both internally and our supported Army Reserve units, said Loehr. “The bulk of it was our supply operations SOP and the supporting documents,” said Loehr.

Loehr said winning the competition was a rewarding feeling to see the hard work and dedication of his staff getting recognized. “Neither I nor my Maintenance Administrative and Supply technicians have a supply background on the Army side of the house, so we are always learning and looking to improve,” said Loehr.

AMSA-48 concentrates on supporting unit commanders’ maintenance programs by completing maintenance on all types of equipment that the unit is unable to perform, said Richard Zulkowsky, heavy mobile equipment repairer supervisor. The shop currently supports eight units within its area of operation.

Zulkowsky and his staff had to provide a packet which included Standard Operating Procedures, a Command Supply Discipline Program, sample documents, and recoverable parts turn-in procedures for supply operations. “Basically, anything to do with supply operations was included in the packet,” said Zulkowsky.

Zulkowsky accepted the honor humbly. He said more of his goal is to ensure that all operations, supply or maintenance are conducted in accordance with regulation, and safety standards.

The CSASEA program was developed in 1986 to enhance the logistical readiness of Army organizations. The program provides a positive incentive for outstanding supply and support operations. It also promotes accountability and raises awareness and adherence to the Command Supply Discipline Program.